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Remote Control Enclosures (RMB)

Can one foodwarmer with multiple switches, such as a dual with tandem elements, have more than one remote control enclosure?

According to UL, multiple switch foodwarmers must have all switches in one enclosure box. In extreme cases where there are more switches than will fit in one box, a specially sized enclosure box will be recommended. (The factory should be consulted in these cases.)

Can remote control enclosures be painted?

Yes. Enclosure boxes can be painted with the same standard Hatco finishes available on Hatco Glo Rays.

How are the model numbers for remote boxes determined? How does the operator know which box to order?

Typically, the number and type of switch and the voltage determine which box is appropriate.

Is a control box always required and why cant a standard light switch be used to operate strip heaters?

UL requires that Hatco supply the switch required for the strip heater. The most economical option is to order the toggle switch or infinite control remote (loose) without the enclosure box. In this situation, the switches are attached to a plate that is designed to be mounted to a standard electrical junction box.

There are currently (4) different standard size remote control enclosures shown in the current Hatco literature. What are the dimensions of each box  excluding switches?

RMB-3------ 51/2" x 3" D x 2 ½" H RMB-7------ 9" x 3" D x 2 ½" H RMB-16-----16" x 3" D x 2 ½" H RMB-20-----20" x 3" D x 2 ½" H

What is a REMOTE CONTROL ENCLOSURE? ( Also known as an RMB)

A remote control enclosure is an aluminum box specifically designed to hold toggle switches, infinite controls and / or indicator lights when these controls are NOT mounted on the foodwarmers themselves. They come in several sizes depending upon the number and type of control being housed in the enclosure box.

What is an electronic infinite control?

RMB-14AA or AB include an electronic infinite control for very precise control of the heaters. A relay that allows the operator to switch up to 20 amps of heat load is also included.

What would be the proper remote enclosure selection for a GRAHL-48D in 120 volt with infinite controls and indicator lights?

RMB-14AL would be the correct choice. This includes (2) infinite controls for the heating elements, (2) indicator lights and (1) toggle switch for the incandescent lights

When would it be desirable to use a remote control enclosure instead of mounting the switches onto the strip heater?

Hatco strongly recommends that switches be mounted remotely (away from the strip heater) whenever possible. The remote control enclosure is ideal for mounting and wiring the switches and / or indicator lights at a location away from the foodwarmer. NOTE: WHEN USING INFINITE CONTROLS ON DUAL FOODWARMERS, THE INFINITE CONTROLS ARE REQUIRED TO BE REMOTELY MOUNTED DUE TO HEAT AND AMPERAGE FACTORS.

Where are Remote Control Enclosures typically mounted?

They can be mounted on a wall or under a counter but should always be mounted away from any heat source. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ATTACHED TO THE STRIP HEATER!

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