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Insider Tips: Six Secrets To Finding the Perfect Griddle

Insider Tips: Six Secrets To Finding the Perfect Griddle


One of the most unsung workhorses in a kitchen is the griddle. This flat-topped beauty sautés vegetables, caramelizes onions, browns burgers, and creates a complete breakfast of eggs, pancakes and bacon. The possibilities are endless with its versatility. Knowing what features to look for when selecting a griddle and how to get the most out of your purchase is essential, especially for equipment that does such heavy lifting. Find the griddle that’ll work best for your operation with these six insider tips.

1. Gas versus electric is choice one

Determining if you should purchase a gas or electric griddle depends on the priorities and operational needs of your establishment. And there are pros to each setup. Are you looking to spend less on energy and already have natural gas hookups? Do you want a unit that has fewer mechanical components to maintain in the future? Gas might be the way to go. Or, is a lower initial price point an attractive attribute? Electric may be your answer. Just make sure you have sufficient voltage available at your facility to support an electric model. Ultimately, both types of griddles will serve your operation well; it’s simply a matter of accommodating your kitchen’s needs.

2. Quality-made equipment matters

A well-made product is worth every penny because high quality and durability mean less maintenance and greater longevity. Look for a griddle with 100% stainless steel construction so it can stand up against the high demands and temperature variations placed on this multipurpose unit. Also, if you’re able to check out the griddle in person, give it the old “lift test.” A solidly crafted commercial griddle will actually feel heavier in your hands than a lower-grade product.

3. Portability provides more versatility

When purchasing a griddle, it’s good to assess portability. Menus evolve, so it’s often helpful to have equipment that allows you to accommodate those changes. Countertop griddles, for example, benefit your operation by taking up less floor space while also giving you added flexibility. Some gas griddles also come with an additional propane gas hookup; the extra mobility creates a whole new world of possibilities for outdoor dining spaces (and increased revenue).

4. Temperature distribution and quick heating is a big differentiator

Evenly distributed heat is essential for preparing consistent and quality food, especially when there’s a rush of customers. Not all griddles are created equal. Those that perform best are crafted with 100% stainless steel cook surfaces and are engineered with carefully placed heating coils that work together for the perfect heating combo. Quantity food production can be challenging. Quick heating technology is a feature that helps operations keep up with customer demands that ultimately help to increase sales volume.

5. Multiple cook zones are a game changer

Different foods cook best at varying temperatures. The perfect pancake requires a longer cook time at a lower temperature, but flawless Ahi tuna steak needs a nice, quick sear at an elevated temp. The importance of multiple cook zones with sensitive temperature controls is vital to providing beautifully prepared dishes for your customers. Anyone that works in foodservice knows it’s a fast-paced world. Having more than one cook zone not only helps prepare great-tasting menu items, but it also provides the capacity for increased customer sales and revenue.

6. Less elbow grease is always welcome

Commercial kitchen equipment that’s put to the grind like a griddle needs easy cleanup, especially when a fat source is used. Most griddles require minimal chemicals to clean the surface effectively (warm water and scouring pad are best) but time is of the essence — and the quicker you clean it, the easier it is to accomplish and avoid corrosion from salty foods. A sleek design and splatter sides help limit the amount of elbow grease that goes into cleaning. Also look for units with a removable drip tray — an absolutely necessary element of any griddle worth buying.

The key to delicious food.

A hard-working griddle is vital to most kitchens, and high-quality equipment is key to delicious food and satisfied customers. Learn more about the integrity and durability that Hatco/Krampouz Griddles bring to any operation.

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