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Hatco Expands Induction Offerings With Palletti™ Induction Warmers

Hatco Expands Induction Offerings With Palletti™ Induction Warmers

IWRM-C1-1317-06 Palletti Countertop Induction WarmerMilwaukee, WI (Feb. 1, 2019) – Hatco® Corporation is extending its induction line with the new Palletti™ Induction Warmers, which offer a safe, efficient and attractive way to safely keep food hot in commercial kitchens, as well as serving applications including buffet stations, stadiums and cafeterias. 

The Palletti warmers have five precise low to high power warming levels to suit a wide variety of food types and volumes. The power levels are memory retentive, so the last setting will resume when the unit is powered back on after being turned off. 

The IWRM’s control panel features an On/Off button with an LED indicator light and two buttons to control the power settings (UP/DOWN), guaranteeing a simple, energy efficient and quiet operation. No open flames and an automatic shut-off to prevent overheating enhance both operator and public safety. 

These induction warmers are available in two wattages. The 600W warmers are available as countertop or built-in and have greater power for larger volume applications; the 360W warmers are countertop units that can be interconnected with multiple units to one electrical outlet, guaranteeing great energy efficiency and simple cord management. (Maximum five connected units for the U.S., four for Canada.) 

For additional information on the Hatco Palletti™ Induction Warmers and other equipment, contact your Hatco sales representative or visit the Hatco website at 


From the corporate offices in Milwaukee to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., Hatco Corporation is a proud employee-owned company. Since 1950, Hatco has a history of excellence in the quality design, production and servicing of warming, toasting, holding, cooking, sanitizing and cooling equipment. Today, Hatco has introduced the versatile Hot/Cold Built-In Shelves and Intelligent Heated Display Cabinets into its extensive line of innovative foodservice equipment.