An Appetite for LifeThe People and The Products

Bain Marie Heaters / Rethermalizers

The small factory at 3308 W. Pierce St. in Milwaukee was the second site of Hatco’s booster water heater tank manufacturing.

Booster Water Heaters

Hatco would be nothing without its founders, Gordon and LaReine Hatch. Gordon was “a typical engineer” who was “interested in everything”. LaReine was described as “an exceptionally generous person”, but she also “had strong will”.

Built-In Heated Shelves

A photo of the early booster water heaters.

Carving Stations

Mary Lou Reed was the receptionist and switchboard operator for Hatco. She began her career at Hatco in 1966, and stayed with the company for 30 years.

Frost Tops

One of the many classic Christmas cards from the Hatco sales team, a tradition that is still carried on today.

Fry Stations

A photo of Hatco’s industrial strength pizza oven, which ultimately taught the lesson to never sell a product that can’t fit through the customer’s door.

Heated Display Cabinets

A production line photo of the early booster water heaters.

Heated Wells

Rod Chaudoir, David Hatch & Ron Halverson at one of the many trade shows Hatco has participated in.

Hot Water Dispenser

The Hatco Rep Meeting at the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club has everyone thinking they’re the captain of the ship.

Light Cooking Equipment

David Hatch rallying his team together at a Hatco event.

Portable Food Warmers

Bill Citti & Rick Anger at a Rep Meeting explaining the DOs and DON’Ts to be the best sales reps.

Refrigerated Drop-In Wells

David Rolston getting in the Halloween spirit. This costume made a special appearance at the 2013 Hatco Customer Appreciation Party during NAFEM!