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placeholder Café Cooking Equipment and Speciality Cooking | Hatco Snack System

Hatco/Suntec Snack System
SNACK Café Cooking Equipment

Hatco has teamed up with Suntec to create the Snack System, designed to expand menus and sales in snack bars or cafés. With a single or dual electric baker, you can easily switch the replaceable plates on the SNACK to serve breakfast items, lunch foods and a variety of snacks in between.

  • Adjustable time and temperature controls allow you to freshly bake as many or few menu items as needed, resulting in no waste at the end of the day.
  • Compact design is suitable for any location.
  • One-touch release with latch opener for easy plate replacement.
  • Removable plates are easily cleaned with warm, soapy water.
  • Comes with standard round Belgian waffle plates and an additional set of plates of your choosing: freestyle, coffee bean, sandwich, panini, donut or chelky.