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Concession Stand Equipment

Fast, fun and delicious. That’s the name of the game when it comes to great concession stand food. Hatco concession equipment enhances your customer’s dining experience — while driving sales to your register and offering a bevy of other mouth-watering benefits.

Quick heat recovery that keeps concessions hot-n-tasty
Soft drinks are flowing, orders are flying in, and the doors to your holding equipment are opening and closing by the second. Normally open doors mean one thing: cold, not-so-delicious food. At Hatco, our concession stand equipment tackles heat loss head-on with quick heat recovery. From airflow patterns and rates to powerful heating elements, and self-regulating temperature controls, our engineers pulled out all the stops to ensure our cabinets, display cases, warming drawers and other concession stand supplies keep temperatures where they need to be.

Large capacity concession equipment for any size event (and appetite)
There’s nothing worse than running out of a favorite concession item or making hungry event-goers wait while you reload or heat their order. Hatco brings big benefits with large-capacity concession equipment that allows you to prep more menu items in advance and scale to meet the demands of any size occasion, venue or crowd. But “large capacity” means something different for everyone, right? That’s why we offer options. Big or even bigger chip warmers, different widths of strip heaters, or even induction warmers that string together up to five “burners.” There’s something big for everyone.

Accessibility that keeps lines moving and concession staff smiling
Whether you have a pop-up booth, coffee concession trailer, food truck, or other type of concession stand — chances are that space is limited. You need everything and anyone that steps behind that counter to operate like a well-oiled machine. When space is tight (and turnaround is even tighter), professionals look to Hatco for well-designed concession stand equipment that puts accessibility first. Reach in — or reach on over. Whatever the case, what you need is easy to grab.

Eye-catching solutions that put concession stand food front and center
What makes someone choose your concession stand over another? A good reputation, line length, a tasty menu, and (yes) the look and feel of your concession stand and your food. Customers most certainly “eat with their eyes,” which is why Hatco concession stand equipment comes in a variety of attractive colors and styles that elevate the look of your operation and make your culinary concessions stand out. From 360-degree glass merchandisers to brighter display lights and upscale finishes, Hatco concession equipment is sure to attract everyone that passes by.

Versatile solutions that support money-making concession stand trends
Concessions are one example of a market that has grabbed a hold of popular food trends and adapted them for their environment. Comfort food, but portable. Snacks, but elevated. Mobile ordering, but with locker pick-up. Hatco helps you embrace the latest concession food trends with equipment that’s versatile enough to support whatever food craze hits your menu. From an electric baker with plate-swapping options to our friend “Sal” who grills, holds, heats, and performs just about any cooking task — Hatco delivers truly multi-purpose solutions.

The durability and reliability needed for fast-paced concessions
Foodservice is one heck of a rugged business. When it’s go-time, you need to know that you can depend on your concession equipment to perform despite the repetitive and demanding environment it’s operating in. With Hatco, you can rest easy knowing that all of our equipment is engineered for the long term and is tested to meet incredibly rigid performance standards. In fact, we’re so confident in the quality of our equipment that we offer a pretty impressive guarantee!

The concessions equipment and supplies you need.
With Hatco concession stand equipment and supplies, there’s something for everyone and every venue. We offer a variety of merchandising, cooking, and holding solutions that are sure to give you the experience you’re after. Explore our entire product catalog or check out these concession stand favorites today:



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