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School Cafeteria & Kitchen Equipment

In the demanding, fast-paced world of education, you need school cafeteria and kitchen equipment that’s up to the test. Hatco foodservice equipment helps you perform your best by dishing out the benefits that matter the most to you and your students.

All the makings of an enjoyable cafeteria experience
With Hatco cafeteria and kitchen equipment, you’ll have the capacity and efficiency needed to provide fun, fresh dining experiences that keep students coming back for more. Engineered with lightning-fast heat recovery, Hatco cafeteria holding equipment ensures food stays hot and tasty. Innovative locker systems provide the perfect quick, secure solution for to-go meals. High-volume capacity equipment keeps menu items stocked and lines moving. And front-of-the-house solutions provide eye appeal and always-on access for a positive cafeteria experience.

School cafeteria equipment that aces the dependability test
Hatco offers a full portfolio of school kitchen equipment and cafeteria supplies that bring end-to-end dependability to your operation. From that perfectly grilled panini to the most delicious french fries in town, Hatco cafeteria and kitchen equipment helps you produce consistent and delicious results each and every time. Plus, we design and manufacture super tough equipment that’s guaranteed to withstand the daily grind of a busy school cafeteria environment.

Waste-not-want-not school cafeteria equipment
At Hatco, we understand that you’re running a business — one that cannot afford unnecessary waste. That’s why we design our foodservice equipment with maximum energy efficiency and waste prevention in mind. You’ll get all the efficiency-driving features you need to avoid utility bill sticker shock, plus programmability that allows for consistent, quality results every time. Your bottom line (and Mother Earth) will thank you.

School cafeteria equipment that gets the best marks for safety
Safety first —that’s one thing all schools have in common. For over 70 years, Hatco has provided educational establishments with the cafeteria and kitchen equipment they need to keep their students and staff safe and healthy. From sneeze guards, antimicrobial paint, and even colorful drawer options for coding allergenic foods, we’ve got you covered.

Cafeteria and kitchen equipment — and then some
Looking for a helpful checklist of the elementary school foodservice equipment that works best for you? Interested in recommendations for secondary or postsecondary cafeterias? Or need tips on delivering an A+ grab-n-go program? Regardless of your specific needs, we have an entire network of equipment and industry experts that can answer your questions and help you make the best possible decisions for your investment.

The school foodservice equipment you need.
With Hatco kitchen and cafeteria equipment and supplies, there’s something for every type of educational facility. We offer a variety of front- and back-of-the-house solutions that are school-tested and expert-approved! Explore our entire product catalog or check out these education-sector favorites today:



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