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Hatco equipment offers the capacity, efficiency and reliability to help school foodservice directors provide a fun, fresh dining experience that keeps students eating onsite. Our equipment offers many benefits including:

  • Quick heat recovery
  • Large capacity
  • Easy accessibility
  • Stylish merchandising
  • Quality and reliability

Hatco equipment is built to perform for the high-volume, quick-paced school foodservice environment. Our warmers offer large capacity and easy accessibility for quick-turnaround.

The modern and stylish designs of our merchandisers help you drive grab-and-go and snack purchases with appetizing food displays like the ones students see at their favorite restaurants. Our equipment also delivers quick heat recovery to maintain the best food quality, no matter how many times you open the door.

As labor costs continues to be a major concern for school foodservice programs, our equipment can help you lower your overhead. Our full line of warming, holding and cooling equipment is energy efficient and safely holds foods at the right temperature for longer to help you get ahead of rush serving times and reduce waste.

At Hatco, we design heating and cooling equipment knowing that foodservice is a rugged business, which is why all of our equipment is tested to ensure it meets rigid performance standards. What's more is we offer knock-your-socks-off customer service that comes standard with every purchase.

Hatco offers a full portfolio of equipment for school foodservice programs. Check out our featured equipment listed below to learn more about our leading school foodservice program solutions.



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