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Have a question about a certain piece of equipment? View and filter our Hatco FAQs to find the answer you're searching for.

Slide mounting brackets are available only on Compact Electric Booster Water Heaters because of weight and size limitations. Imperial Electric Booster Water Heaters must be mounted on legs. There is no charge for slide mounting brackets when ordered in lieu of legs. When you order slide mounting brackets, you will not receive legs with your Booster Water Heater.
Slide mounting brackets are available only on Compact Electric Booster Water Heaters because of weight and size limitations. Imperial Electric Booster Water Heaters must be mounted on legs. There is no charge for slide mounting brackets when ordered in lieu of legs. When you order slide mounting brackets, you will not receive legs with your Booster Water Heater.
No. The only lubrication needed on a Toast-Qwik® Conveyor Toaster would be on the bearing that accommodates the cooling fan in the back of the TQ-300 and TQ-700 models (part number for a tube of lubrication is Complete lubrication instructions for the TQ-300 and TQ-700 models can be found in the Installation & Operation Manual for these units. The TQ-10 through the TQ-1200 models’ motors are permanently lubricated which means they do not require any field lubrication.
In most applications, the Thermo-Finisher® does not need to be placed under a hood; however, some local codes may require it. Check with your local inspectors for final clarification.
Yes, you can substitute any of the applicable racks. Simply designate the appropriate rack on the purchase order. To price, subtract the standard rack price and add the price of the replacement rack.
The thermostat that controls the surface temperature is designed to allow the surface to get up to 170°F - 180°F (77°C - 82°C). The Heated Shelf is designed to have enough reserve power to overcome reasonable variations in temperature and air movement. It is not uncommon for these appliances to be exposed to cool ambient temperatures or excessive air movement, both of which may cause the surface temperatures of the Heated Shelf to be lower. This is because the surrounding environment pulls heat away from the Heated Shelf faster than the element can compensate.
If the GRSB or GRSBF Glo-Ray® Heated Shelves are to be installed in these or similar countertops, it is recommended that the manufacturer of the countertop material be consulted. In regard to Corian®, it is important to use the high temperature cutout procedures when cutting the hole in the countertop. In regard to laminate, it is important that both the laminate material itself, and the adhesive that is used to adhere it to the countertop, be capable of withstanding the temperatures around the edge of the heated base (200°F [93°C]).
Yes, Hatco uses EZ lock mounting hardware to provide quick installation. It is also easy to replace the thermostat and heating elements, which are attached to the bottom assembly. Loosen and remove the acorn nuts; then remove the bottom assembly.
According to UL, Strip Heaters with multiple switches must have all switches in one Remote Control Enclosure. In extreme cases, where there are more switches than will fit in one, a specially sized Remote Control Enclosure will be recommended. (The factory should be consulted in these cases.)
You can only install the cord when the unit is going to be used in a "portable" application. The unit would have to be ordered with some sort of legs (i.e., C-legs or T-legs).
An infinite switch is most simply described as a timing device. It cycles the Strip Heater on and off frequently, based on the setting. It does not control temperatures directly.
On many of the longer Glo-Ray® Strip Heaters, it is not uncommon to have three (3) elements mounted end-to-end within a single housing. The tandem element charge would be assessed twice: once for the 2nd, and again for the 3rd element. There is no charge for the initial element.
Sometimes the phrase “induction compatible” is used by pan manufacturers to command a premium. In truth, any magnetic pan will work. The higher the ferrous (iron) content, the better. Many cheap steel or cast iron pans perform really well. A great simple and cheap compatibility test is a fridge magnet - the stronger the attraction to the bottom of the pan, the better it will work in general. Easy! Many stainless steel pans are magnetic, while some aluminum pans are made with a steel (iron) core, sandwiched in the base, so that they will work on induction. This type of pan generally works very well – the steel inducts, while the aluminum conducts the heat up the sides. It's true though that copper and all aluminum pans will not work. There is an approach to using induction on non-compatible pans that will allow for it, but it's prohibitively expensive and puts a lot of stress on the internal components. There's a cheaper alternative, too - to put a disk of compatible material between the cook top and the pan, but this is an inelegant solution and defeats most of the benefits of using induction!
No. All Hatco Booster Water Heaters come in either 208, 240 or 480 volt and must be hardwired.
Only someone capable and knowledgeable of complying with the National Fuel Gas Code NFPA 54 and/or applicable local code should install a gas Booster Water Heater to provide the highest level of safety, like installers of commercial gas heating and ventilating systems.
Yes. Hatco uses voltage specific to electrical components in much of our equipment. In some cases performance will suffer or damage to the unit can occur if the wrong voltage is applied.
No, there is currently no stacking kit available for this unit.
It is recommended that most products be held no more than 30-45 minutes, but certain products with the right packaging can be held as long as 2-3 hours.
The GRSB is recessed about 3/4" (19 mm) below the counter. The GRSBF has a completely flat surface, flush with the countertop. The recessed GRSB will do a nice job of "capturing" pans of food. The flat surface of the GRSBF, available in hardcoat or stainless steel, allows for pans to overhang onto the counter if necessary.
No, all Modular/Ganged Heated Wells are insulated due to the "jacket" that contains all the individual wells. They are not currently offered in any UR versions. Also note that Modular/Ganged Heated Wells are 208 volt or 240 volt only; they are not available in 120 volt.
Yes, Remote Control Enclosures can be painted with the same standard finishes available on Hatco Glo-Ray® Strip Heaters.
According to UL, each Strip Heater must have a dedicated Remote Control Enclosure.
The Ultra-Glo® line is designed to hold products at their peak temperatures while allowing the unit to be mounted higher than conventional types of Strip Heaters/Foodwarmers. It is ideal for fried food products, and is available in many sizes and configurations.
No, not all Glo-Ray® Strip Heaters can ship UPS. The guidelines are as follows: Single housings (including Narrow Strip Heaters and Glo-Rite® Display Lights) up to 96" (2438 mm) in width (length) can ship UPS. Dual housings up to 72" (1829 mm) in width (length) can ship UPS.
The "pure" conversion does not take relative efficiency differences into account. Gas burners are typically only 35-45% efficient (which is why commercial kitchens using gas are often so hot). Induction cooktops are anywhere from 80% to 95% (depending on how it's measured), but as a rule of thumb, an 1800W induction unit is the equivalent of 16,000 BTUs of gas.
Booster Water Heaters are available with 400 series stainless steel body and base (resists rusting from salt air), with stainless steel flanged legs for deck mounting.
Yes; this can be done horizontally through a wall or vertically through the roof by using the proper approved venting materials. An installer of heating and ventilating equipment will know the AGA acceptable materials and methods to meet NFPA 54 or local equivalent standards. Some helpful suggestions appear in the manuals; however, it is the installer's responsibility to meet the applicable venting system standards.
ColorGuard is Hatco's control sensing system on the Toast Qwik® Conveyor Toasters that provides more consistent color on multiple orders of toast.
The internal temperature of the Thermo-Finisher® varies; however, this is not important in regard to its ability to perform. The cooking and finishing that is done in this oven is done as a result of the infrared energy that is coming from above and below the food product. The infrared energy is absorbed by the food, causing the food to heat up. Unlike a conventional oven, the temperature of the air in the cabinet is not what does the cooking in this type of device.
Use a de-liming agent such as white vinegar in the water tank as often as necessary.
Yes, Hatco offers UR Heated Wells in all sizes: -FUL, -43, -7QT and -11QT. They are also available in all standard wattages, with and without drains. Please remember to specify RT (thermostat) or RN (infinite) for the controls.
Induction cooktops heat the pan. Sure, they do this in a different way to gas or electric, but they still heat the pan - not the food. The food is in contact with the hot pan and is heated or cooked in entirely the normal way. Induction is generally faster than gas and heats the whole thickness of the bottom of the pan at the same time - not just from underneath. So, it's actually better for searing - there is no lag time, and recovery is almost instant. The heat is more evenly distributed, too.
Yes, the thermostat has a range of 90°F - 200°F (32°C - 93°C). Proofing is typically done in the 90°F - 95°F (32°C - 35°C) range.
Typically, the number, the type of switch and the voltage determine which Remote Control Enclosure is appropriate.
Adjustable and non-adjustable tubular stands have a flange that can be permanently screwed to a countertop. The diameter of the flange on adjustable stands is 2" (51 mm) and 2-1/8" (54 mm) on non-adjustable stands.
When used in dual applications, infinite controls must ALWAYS be mounted remotely or away from the Strip Heater. Hatco recommends using our Remote Control Enclosures for dual Strip Heater installations utilizing infinite controls.
208 volt and 240 volt Booster Water Heaters up to 18kW, and 480 volt in 4kW and 5kW Compact Electric Booster Water Heaters, can be ordered in single phase. While 240 volt in 24kW through 45kW and 208 volt in 24kW through 39kW Booster Water Heaters may be ordered in single phase, consultation with the factory and written confirmation is required, due to high amperage in these types of applications.
Yes, provided the correct thimble or through-the-wall fitting is used for either combustible or non-combustible wall material as it may apply. If this is not an outside wall, then the pipe must continue until it can penetrate an outside wall. Any adjoining room it runs through must be the same temperature as the kitchen.
Hatco Conveyor Toasters will toast a variety of bread products. Day-old bread at room temperature that has been allowed to breathe works best. Toasting of coated products is not recommended.
Three (3) hours is a long holding time. Acceptable results may be achieved with the FSHC Flav-R-Savor® Holding Cabinet. A low to medium humidity setting, accompanied with moderately high heat, will provide the best result.
Hatco Modular Heated Wells with drains come without a manifold drain as standard. If customers want to install individual shut-off on each drain (rather than manifold), they can order individual shut-offs as an accessory and install them on site.
Yes, you can convert the Flav-R-Savor® Tall Humidified Holding Cabinet into a two-door unit.
RMB-3: 5-1/2"W x 3"D x 2-1/2"H (140 mm x 76 mm x 64 mm). RMB-7: 9"W x 3"D x 2-1/2"H (229 mm x 76 mm x 64 mm). RMB-16: 16"W x 3"D x 2-1/2"H (406 mm x 76 mm x 64 mm). RMB-20: 20"W x 3"D x 2-1/2"H (508 mm x 76 mm x 64 mm).
An infinite control can be used in lieu of the standard on/off toggle switch. It is different than an on/off toggle switch and is used when the operator would like to manually adjust the heat output from full wattage down to any desired level. It is considered a timing device that turns power on and off, unlike a thermostat which senses temperature and adjusts accordingly. The maximum amperage that an infinite control can handle is 12.2 amps. Since a toggle switch can handle 15 amps, an infinite control cannot always be field retrofitted in place of a toggle.
A single Glo-Ray® Strip Heater housing having at least two (2) elements mounted end-to-end within the single housing is said to have tandem elements.
Induction cooktops have been out for 30+ years, while induction technology has been used in industrial applications for well over a century. There are no recorded cases of any injury (or harm done to a pacemaker user) in all of that time. The American Heart Association lists a number of everyday devices and appliances that should be avoided (including mobile phones). Induction cooktops are not listed among them. The wave is only about an inch deep above the surface of the cooktop, and is "fully captured" by the pan in place. Without a pan in place, the unit only "pings" looking for a pan, but does not fully energize. Even compatible small objects, such as spoons, are "ignored" as a safety measure.
Only 6, 7 and 9kW electric Booster Water Heaters can be field converted to single-phase (units are shipped 3-phase open delta). A larger branch circuit is required for balanced 3-phase of equal kW – 208 volt and 240 volt only. All other kW models cannot be field converted.
No, the PMG-60 is designed to exhaust only into the room in which it is installed. It is not agency approved for outside venting.
Day-old bread that has been allowed to dry out thoroughly will toast faster and easier.
No. The heating element is a blanket heater that wraps around the water chamber, so the element does not touch water.
Yes, but the Strip Heaters must be sized and mounted correctly over the Heated Wells to assure safe operation.
Yes, the transport package includes: stand-off handles, full perimeter bumpers, a transport locking latch and heavy-duty 5" x 2" (127 mm x 51 mm) casters.
A Remote Control Enclosure is an aluminum box specifically designed to hold toggle switches, infinite controls and/or indicator lights when these controls are NOT mounted on the Strip Heaters themselves. They come in several sizes depending upon the number and type of control being housed in the enclosure box.
A thermostat cycles power on and off for a heating element based on the temperature that it is sensing from that element. This type of control is commonly used to regulate the temperature in your home. A rheostat is a common control used on lights. It reduces the voltage going to the appliance, which serves to turn it down. These types of controls are not economically feasible when being used to control foodwarming elements; however, they are commonly used to dim light bulbs. An infinite control cycles power on and off for a heating element based on a timing cycle that is not influenced by the actual heat that is being put off by the element. This type of control is commonly used to control elements on electric ranges.
The width (formerly known as length) is 48" (1219 mm). The depth is 6" (152 mm). The height or thickness is 2.5" (64 mm).
The tops have to pass a very stringent test called UL197. They have to withstand the impact from a 1.2-lb. (0.4 kg) steel ball from 21" (533 mm) and a 4-lb. (1.8 kg) pan dropped 10 times from 8" (203 mm). For cooktops - especially commercial ones - "ceramic glass" is better than tempered glass. They both pass the same drop tests, but tempered glass can bow at high temperatures (e.g. if a pan has been heating on the top for a long period).
Hatco Booster Water Heaters are not designed to be primary water heaters and do not carry a UL listing for this application.
No, the PMG-60 is designed to exhaust only into the room in which it is installed where the typical restaurant ventilation system can handle the kitchen atmosphere in accordance with NFPA 54.
The FSDT is a larger, taller cabinet, constructed with aluminum extrusions, and features fluorescent lighting on the side posts to provide complete illumination. The FDWD is a smaller cabinet with stainless steel construction and recessed incandescent ceiling lighting.
Yes, the Heated Well can be ordered with or without a drain.
RMB-14AA or AB include an electronic infinite control for very precise control of the Strip Heaters. A relay that allows the operator to switch up to 20 amps of heat load is also included.
The indicator light (formerly known as a pilot light) provides an instant visual check as to whether or not the unit is operating.
The width (formerly known as length) is 48" (1219 mm). The depth is 9" (229 mm). The height or thickness is 2.5" (64 mm).
There really isn't a prescribed weight limit. You can stand on the ceramic glass and it will not break. The dimension of the top acts as a natural inhibitor for how much you can put down on them.
The Booster Water Heater must be installed in a horizontal position, with the base parallel to the floor and the inlet connection at the lowest point. The Booster Water Heater must be within five (5) linear feet of the dishmachine.
No, a check valve could potentially create a high-pressure situation that would make the pressure release valve leak.
The many different rack options allow you to find the rack best suited to your application. The coupling allows you to use one of the rotating racks in non-motorized cabinets.
Yes, the Hatco Heated Well can be used wet or dry. The Heated Wells perform better when used wet because they transfer heat better.
RMB-14AL would be the correct choice. This includes two (2) infinite controls for the heating elements, two (2) indicator lights and one (1) toggle switch for the incandescent lights.
The standard control is an on/off toggle switch located on the chef's left side of the Strip Heater.
The width (formerly known as length) is 52" (1321 mm). The depth is 9" (229 mm). The height or thickness is 3.5" (89 mm).
The 80% "rule" (which is actually 125% of a breaker's rated capacity) applies to continuous maximum loads (like pumps and motors). Induction units are a non-continuous load, which is why an 1800W unit is supplied with a NEMA 5-15P molded plug, and can be used on a 15A circuit. Note this does not apply in Canada, where the rule is different. Many manufacturers (including Hatco) offer a 1440W version with a NEMA 5-15P plug in order to comply. Just to confuse things, California allows the use if two exempt pieces of equipment at up to 1500W each without an exhaust hood. Induction units are on the exempt list, hence the Canadian model is often used in California also in such applications.
The order should specify that the Booster Water Heater is for a low temperature application, and the factory will pre-set the thermostat to 140°F (60°C). There is a low temperature sizing chart in the Hatco Price List or on the website to verify sizing.
The PMG-60 was designed primarily for batch-type washers and, because of its low rating, may be allowed to exhaust directly into the room in compliance with NFPA 54. The PMG-100 & PMG-200 models were designed to accommodate conveyor and flight-type washers, as well. Induced draft venting was employed to allow the customer to more readily comply with NFPA 54 when these higher ratings are added to the other appliances in the kitchen.
Yes, the Heated Well can be used with or without a drain.
Hatco strongly recommends that switches be mounted remotely (away from the Strip Heater) whenever possible. The Remote Control Enclosure is ideal for mounting and wiring the switches and/or indicator lights at a location away from the Strip Heater. NOTE: WHEN USING INFINITE CONTROLS ON DUAL STRIP HEATERS, THE INFINITE CONTROLS ARE REQUIRED TO BE REMOTELY MOUNTED DUE TO HEAT AND AMPERAGE FACTORS.
The width (formerly known as length) is 52" (1321 mm). The depth with standard 3" (76 mm) spacing is 18" (457 mm), and with optional 6" (152 mm) spacing is 21" (533 mm). The height or thickness is 3.5" (89 mm).
The fundamental difference is the S-12 Imperial Electric Booster Water Heater has a 16 gallon (60 liter) tank, and the C-12 Compact Electric Booster Water Heater has a 6 gallon (23 liter) tank. The S model has a larger footprint, which provides easier service ability and will step load the electricity in the higher kW range, which will reduce the operator's demand charges on their electric bill.
The system stops mineral scale by introducing a measured amount of polyphosphate into the water. The mineral molecules, which have a positive charge, are attracted to the negative charge of the polyphosphate. The mineral molecules are unable to join together, so scale is unable to form.
UL Heated Wells are shipped to fabricators with a conduit and a connected control box. UR Heated Wells are shipped without a conduit and the controls are mounted to a control faceplate (control box not included).
Remote Control Enclosures can be mounted on a wall or under a counter but should always be mounted away from any heat source. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ATTACHED TO THE STRIP HEATER!
Infinite controls are negatively effected by heat. Dual Strip Heaters produce a level of heat that would accelerate the failure of an infinite control.
The width (formerly known as length) is 48" (1219 mm). The depth with standard 3" (76 mm) spacing is 15" (381 mm), and with optional 6" (152 mm) spacing is 18" (457 mm). The height or thickness is 2.5" (64 mm).
Necessary information is the Booster Water Heater’s model number, voltage, phase, quantity, mounting style (for Compact series), jacket material and accessories.
These PMG-100 & PMG-200 are approved for a 40 linear foot run. (Note that an elbow is equivalent to five [5] linear feet of pipe.) Beyond this length, consult a ventilating specialist to provide appropriate means to move the exhaust farther. Booster Water Heater fans are available in the industry that the specialist would be capable of applying.
The standard Hatco Heated Wells are generally top mount Heated Wells and they simply drop into a hole (cut out) from the top. Full-size standard Heated Wells (HWB-FUL) can also be mounted from the bottom by using fasteners in the side walls of the well. Full-size Heated Wells are also available in insulated versions that can be top mounted (HWBI-FUL) or bottom mounted (HWBIB-FUL) in a similar fashion.
One (1) year parts and labor, two (2) years on burnout or breakage of the air and water element.
UL requires that Hatco supply the switch required for the Strip Heater. The most economical option is to order the toggle switch or infinite control remote (loose) without the Remote Control Enclosure. In this situation, the switches are attached to a plate that is designed to be mounted to a standard electrical junction box.
Another UL requirement; C-legs imply that the Strip Heater will be portable, and installing the C-legs assures correct height over the target.
The width (formerly known as length) is 36" (914 mm). The depth is 4" (102 mm). The height or thickness is 2" (51 mm).
A shock absorber is an accessory item that can be used in any water heater application. It reduces water hammer, or the "banging noise" that results from quick closing solenoid valves on the dishwasher.
The vent hood is approved for a 20 linear foot run. (Note that an elbow is equivalent to five [5] linear feet.) For example: you might place an elbow at the hood exit, run four (4) feet, then place a second elbow behind the warewasher with a six (6) foot vertical vent tube to exit near the condensate hood. This would add up to 20 linear feet.
Approximately 30 minutes for both wet and dry applications.
This holding cabinet is not an oven; it is designed to hold hot foods hot.
The width (formerly known as length) is 24" (610 mm). The depth is 3" (76 mm). The height or thickness is 2.5 (64 mm).
Imperial Electric Booster Water Heaters (S series) rated for 24kW or larger have multiple banks of heating elements, with each bank controlled by a separate thermostat. During periods of use, the lowest bank of heating elements turns on first and stays on until its thermostat reaches the setpoint. If additional hot water is needed (during periods of high demand), the next level of heating elements come on and heats. This step loading, or staging of the heating elements, allows for reduced energy costs when compared to units that have all of their elements controlled by one thermostat and are either ON or OFF 100% of the time.
Because the PMG-100 & PMG-200 may add significantly to the equation, the Powermite ® Gas Booster Water Heaters are equipped with an exhaust blower to aid with venting and allow for compliance to NFPA 54.
No, Modular/Ganged Heated Wells are generally more expensive, because of the hardware and material associated with the jacket and bezel that allows the fabricator or installer to place an entire steam table into a counter with one piece of equipment.
Cord and plug sets can be furnished provided the Strip Heater meets the following requirements: it must be a single housing only, with or without lights (duals are not allowed); the housing must be 72" (1829 mm) or less in width (longest dimension); the Strip Heater must be 120 volt; and the Strip Heater must be mounted as a portable unit (i.e., C-legs or T-legs).
The low-water cut-off (LWCO) is a protective device designed to shut off power to the heating elements, thus preventing burnout should the water level decrease in the Booster Water Heater tank. The LWCO is automatically reset when the water level is safe.
Provided the local code accepts NFPA 54 requirements for venting a gas Booster Water Heater, the PMG-60 vents directly into the room in which it is installed.
No, so long as they use the mounting kit for non-combustible surfaces to insulate the Heated Well from the countertop surface.
A transport package that includes flush mount handles and corner bumpers, a bracket for holding the cord during transport, a stainless steel door and stainless steel Dutch doors.
Examples of typical Glo-Ray® model numbers and their meanings: GRA - "GR" represents "Glo-Ray" name, "A" means aluminum housing. If there is no "A," the unit includes a stainless steel housing. GRAH - "H" stands for high wattage (more heat). No "H" means standard wattage (standard heat). "L" added to model means the unit includes incandescent lights. "D" added to model means the unit is a dual warmer made of two (2) single units side-by-side with either a 3" or 6" (76 mm or 152 mm) spacing in between each housing. GRN - "N" indicates narrow models only 4" (102 mm) deep. GR2 - the "2" represents the Designer series. HL - represents Glo-Rite® Display Lights. The number following the letter sequence represents the width (length) of the housing in inches. Example: GRAHL-24 is a 24" (610 mm) wide Glo-Ray® Strip Heater with an aluminum housing, a high watt element and incandescent lights.
The National Fuel Gas Code NFPA 54 allows all Booster Water Heaters to vent into the room provided that certain overall conditions exist. This is explained in the following excerpt: EXCERPT FROM ANSIZ223.1/NFPA 54 7.2.1 Connection To Venting Systems. Excerpt as permitted in 7.2.2 through 7.2.6, all gas utilization equipment shall be connected to venting systems. 7.2.2 Equipment Not Required To Be Vented. A single booster-type [automatic instantaneous] water heater, when designed and used solely for the sanitizing rinse requirements of a dishwashing machine, provided that the equipment is installed, with the draft hood in place and unaltered, if a draft hood is required in a commercial kitchen having a mechanical exhaust system. Where installed in this manner, the draft hood shall not be less than 36" (91 cm) vertically and 6" (15 cm) horizontally from any surface other than the equipment. Where any or all of this equipment is installed so the aggregate input rating exceeds 20 BTU per hour per cubic foot (207 watts per cubic m) of room space in which it is installed, one or more shall be provided with venting systems or other approved means for removing the vent gases to the outside atmosphere so the aggregate input rating of the remaining unvented equipment does not exceed the 20 BTU per hour per cubic foot (207 watts per cubic m) figure. Where the room or space in which the equipment is installed is directly connected to another room or space by a doorway, archway, or other opening of comparable size that cannot be closed, the volume of adjacent room or space shall be permitted to be included in the calculation.
Hatco Modular Heated Wells can only be top mounted. The top mount has three options: studs, holes or EZ lock mounting hardware. Please specify mounting option when ordering. (EZ lock mounting hardware is the default.)
At 160°F (71°C) for the air element and maximum humidity setting, you will attain up to 70% relative humidity. This will obviously be affected by how many times you go in and out of the Flav-R-Savor® Tall Humidified Holding Cabinet.
A "hub" is a flexible conduit fitting which is attached to the Strip Heater at the factory. It should be ordered when extended lead wire is specified. The hub allows for easier installation of flexible conduit during Strip Heater installation.
Because of size and weight, all Booster Water Heaters are shipped via common carrier (truck).
The Booster Water Heater will operate at less than its sea level capacity due to either natural derating or code compliance derating. This means that the unit’s sizing selection should be checked for the intended altitude. Also, an orifice change may be required to achieve the maximum allowable burn rate. Charts are provided in the manuals to help achieve compliance with AGA's limits for our models. NFPA 54 and local codes should be checked to be sure they don't take precedence. A kit of blank orifices is available to allow you the flexibility to comply with the specific altitude regulation at your installation.
The advantages include: more durable due to heavier stainless steel construction (11% thicker than competitive models); large drain design makes cleaning easier (50% larger than competitive models); flat drain screen allows pan to stay level for consistent temperatures; more consistent holding temperatures with even heat; remote temperature thermostat with separate lighted power switch retains settings; exclusive long-life heating element design with two (2) year warranty; easy to install with EZ lock mounting hardware; easy-to-service design offers a quick change of component; one (1) year parts and on-site labor warranty; and 24/7 parts & service assistance from Hatco.
1) All stainless steel construction inside and out. 2) Fully insulated on all six sides. 3) Full height Lexan® door as standard. 4) Heavy-duty 16 gauge stainless steel tubular frame for stability and durability of the cabinet. All hardware goes through this frame and/or has a backing plate.
Our UL requirements limit us to shipping one Strip Heater per Remote Control Enclosure, and vice versa.
The primary function of a Booster Water Heater is to provide 180°F (82°C) of hot water for the final sanitizing rinse in a commercial dishwasher.
Exhaust temperature is approximately 200°F (93°C) at the outlet of the Booster Water Heater. It quickly cools to ambient temperature as it travels through the vent pipe and exits outside or into the room or under a condensate hood.
There is a small standard control with a wire guard and small bezel. There is an option for a recessed control with a 10 degree slant for easier visibility. All Export Heated Wells must use the recessed control. Specify STD for the small control box, NONE for the remote UR Heated Wells and LG for the recessed Heated Wells.
Compact = 6 gallons (23 liters). Imperial = 16 gallons (60 liters). Mini-Compact = 3.2 gallons (12 liters).
All main electric and gas services to the Booster Water Heater should shut OFF. The tank and the heat exchanger should be drained of all water to prevent damage from freezing.
Prepared hot food (NOTE: The Heated Well is NOT a rethermalizer).
The lead time is generally 3-4 working days from date of order entry. Booster Water Heaters in Quick-Ship are sent out the same day when orders are received by 12PM Central Standard Time.
As long as your facility is heated for inhabitancy, the PMG-60 would be unaffected whether ON or OFF. The PMG-100 and PMG-200 have exhaust fans that keep warm air moving out the vent when they are ON. Because of this, it is recommended that the heater be left ON at all times when the outside temperature is below 32°F (0°C) to counteract the unlikely occurrence of cold air migrating into the vent pipe.
Hatco Wells are made with 1 mm (.039") thick material, about 10% thicker than the competition.
One (1) Year Parts and Labor PLUS Nine (9) Years Parts-Only Warranty.
The choice is yours. Sometimes the cost of energy will make gas Booster Water Heaters a better choice than electric Booster Water Heaters. Ask your Hatco Representative for an energy cost comparison.
Modular/Ganged Heated Wells are -FUL size units that are grouped together in a modular fashion to provide customers with a complete steam table within one piece of equipment. They can be ordered in 2-5 pan configurations, with and without drains. They are also available with manifold drains and auto-fill as options.
Essential information is the temperature (degrees Fahrenheit) of the incoming water from the primary water source, temperature rise (incoming water temperature subtracted from 180°F [82°C]), the make and model of the dishwasher the Booster Water Heater will be used with OR the gallons per hour (GPH) (liters per hour [LPH]) required by the dishwasher for the final rinse cycle. The formula to figure kW of the Booster Water Heater needed to sanitize at 180°F (82°C) is: GPH x °F Temp Rise/400 = kW required (LPH x °Celsius Temp Rise/840 = kW required). Sizing charts are available in our price list and on our website.
Hatco offers an auxiliary hood that can be placed directly over the PMG-60 that will direct flue gas products to the rear of the Booster Water Heater. The flue gas may be directed to exhaust behind the counter or dishwasher or up into a nearby ventilation/exhaust hood. (See manual for details.)
Manifold drains connect all of the individual drains of a Modular/Ganged Heated Well so that all the pans can be emptied quickly and easily by opening a single 1" (25 mm) drain. For example, if you had a 5-pan well - all five (5) pans would be drained by opening the single manifold 1" (25 mm) drain that connects all five individual drains. All Ganged Heated Wells have this equipped so that this drain can be mounted right or left side.
Auto-fill is a "plumbed" feature that uses a water connection and a solenoid to automatically fill each pan of a Modular/Ganged Heated Well to the desired level. This ensures that all pans are always full of water - even when evaporation can become a big issue. During the day, as the steam table evaporates water out of each pan location, the auto-fill feature will sense the lack of water and open the solenoid, allowing water to re-enter each pan until the desired water level is reached. With 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-pan wells, this feature will only work if the unit has a manifold drain.
A Castone® (cement-lined) tank, low-water cut-off (LWCO), a temperature/pressure relief valve, a cast iron pressure reducing valve, two (2) temperature/pressure gauges, an on/off switch, an indicator light and 6" (152 mm) legs are standard. All Compact and Imperial Electric Booster Water Heaters also include a stainless steel front panel, a powdercoated silver gray hammertone body and a black base.
The drain makes clean up easier, especially when used wet.
Use the energy cost worksheet on our website to calculate energy costs per year, and compare to unit cost. Consider installation and maintenance costs. (Contact your local Hatco Representative for assistance.)
Step loaded element design can reduce energy costs (above 24kW); a larger tank provides greater capacity and faster recovery; and it is an easier to service larger Booster Water Heater.
Only 6kW, 7kW or 9kW Booster Water Heaters, 208 volt or 240 volt, are field convertible from single- to 3-phase, or vice versa. All other Booster Water Heaters must be ordered specifically for single-phase or 3-phase, and CANNOT be converted in the field.
160°F - 180°F (71°C - 82°C).
No. Hatco Booster Water Heaters are manufactured and UL approved specifically for 208, 240 or 480 volts, and are NOT field convertible.
The Hatco drain size is 3/4" (19 mm) in diameter, 50% larger than the competition, which is only 1/2" (13 mm).
Hatco has a two (2) year warranty on Heated Well heating elements.
The Hatco Modular Heated Wells and bezels are all 300 series stainless. All welded surfaces are stainless as well. The bottom jacket is aluminized, but it is riveted to stainless steel brackets that are welded to stainless.
The size of our stainless steel pans are 1 mm ( .039") thicker than the competition (at .035").
They require a 15 amp circuit. Models are available in 120, 208 and 240 volt.
All Hatco Modular Heated Wells come with individual thermostatic controls for each well. A 1-, 2- or 3-well unit has a control box and bezel with 1, 2 or 3 thermostatic controls contained within it. The 4- or 5-well unit will have two control boxes with 2/2 or 2/3 thermostatic controls respectively. NOTE: Hatco offers adapter kits for units retrofitting failed APW and Wells units. These kits include a larger bezel that fits into the control opening left behind when the APW or Wells unit is removed, as the Hatco control box is much smaller than either of these competitive controls.
Already prepared hot food (NOTE: The Heated Well is NOT a rethermalizer).
High watt would be used if there is cold air flow in the area or you need to hold food longer. High watt Heated Wells will heat up faster and recover heat loss faster. They may also be needed for foods that are dense and hard to hold - like refried beans.
The low watt Heated Well would be used to limit circuit size in multi-unit applications.
1) If the UR unit has a thermostat control, the extra lead wire is for the connection between the control box and the power source. The thermostat "lead" from the Heated Well to the control box is only available in 3’ (914 mm) standard length, or 6’ (1829 mm) optional length. 2) If the UR unit has an infinite control, the extra lead wire is for the connection between the control box and the Heated Well. This can be ordered in any length in 1’ (305 mm) increments. The lead wire from the control box to the power source is provided by the customer/installer.
Mount Hatco controls vertically at least 6" (152 mm) away from the Heated Well and at least 3-1/2" (89 mm) from combustible surfaces. 6' (1829 mm) capillaries are available.
UR Heated Wells are models that are recognized as components to be used in someone else’s appliance. The customer that buys these models is responsible to seek UL approval of the larger appliance that includes Hatco UR components. Typically, UR units do not have conduit to protect wires or an enclosure to isolate the controls. UR units are commonly purchased by fabricators. Hatco uses a two letter suffix used to identify UR (Underwriter Laboratories Recognized) units. RT and RN do not stand for Remote Thermostat and Remote Infinite Switch. Instead, they stand for Recognized, with Thermostat and Recognized with Infinite Switch, respectively. All HWBs have remote controls.
Insulated Heated Wells will hold heat better and longer for greater holding efficiency and better energy conservation. They will recover lost heat faster as well. Insulated Heated Wells are available only in the -FUL size and can be ordered in top or bottom mount configurations.