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Non-Commercial Foodservice Equipment

Just because you’re in the non-commercial foodservice space doesn’t mean you don’t have many of the same needs as a commercial kitchen. For over 70 years, Hatco has provided operations like yours with the benefit-driving foodservice equipment they need to succeed.

Commercial results for non-commercial foodservice operations
What’s the difference between commercial and non-commercial kitchens? Well, a lot of times people think commercial kitchens are the only operations with the exclusive goal of profitability. But that’s not really the case, right? You need to drive sales in order to be profitable. Let Hatco do the selling for you with merchandising and display and other front-of-the-house holding solutions that showcase your irresistible food and drive more impulse sales.

The tools to fuel memorable food experiences
What goes into a truly remarkable guest experience? All sorts of things, but great food has a lot to do with it. Hatco foodservice equipment sets you and your staff up for success from the beginning. Whether you’re cooking up tasty delights or holding them at the right temperature, you’ll get the tools you need to deliver an unforgettably delicious experience.

Speed and convenience for non-commercial foodservice
No matter the non-commercial foodservice operation you’re running, your guests expect convenience. Sure, they may not always be in a hurry, but they most certainly don’t want to wait for their food. Hatco equipment solutions are perfect for non-commercial foodservice operations that want to do more, faster. From automation capabilities to long-term holding equipment and easy grab-n-go solutions — Hatco checks the box on speedy convenience.

Easy-to-use equipment makes training employees a breeze
However you spin it, training employees can be a real challenge — especially when you’re dealing with high staff turnover or particularly busy times. We get it, which is why every single Hatco solution is designed with the end user in mind. From intuitive controls to programmable presets, we take the guesswork out of operating your equipment. That means anyone at any skill level can easily use it. Plus, we offer a ton of solutions that’ll cut your labor needs altogether!

Worry-free food safety to stay out of the ‘danger zone’
Having food safety issues occur in your dining facility can be a nightmare. Hatco holding equipment keeps food at safe serving temperatures (and out of the danger zone), so you can tend to the needs of your guests without worrying about food sitting out too long. Whether you need hot, cold, humidified or non-humidified holding — Hatco’s here to help you play it safe.

The equipment you need for your non-commercial operation.
With Hatco’s large variety of foodservice solutions, there’s something for every shape and size operation. Whether you’re a hospital, school, health club, community center, or other non-commercial foodservice operation, we are here to meet your unique needs. Explore our entire product catalog or check out these non-commercial foodservice favorites today:



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