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Supermarket & Deli Equipment

Today’s supermarkets and delis have a huge opportunity to attract shoppers looking for premium, convenient food options. Hatco grocery and deli equipment will help you corner the market on quality convenience — while providing you with a cart full of other appealing benefits.

Eye-catching equipment that engages grocery and deli shoppers
Win the attention of shoppers and drive more sales with Hatco grocery and deli equipment that showcases your food and makes your culinary creations stand out. Choose from designer colors and upscale finishes that not only make your food look more appealing but elevate the look and feel of your entire store.

Savvy solutions to support in-store restaurant concepts
Supermarkets and delis are no longer just for groceries and cold cuts. They now offer everything from sandwich shops to sushi bars, pizza parlors, taquerias, and beyond. With Hatco’s wide variety of supermarket equipment solutions, you can incorporate these exciting new in-store concepts, keep food at optimal serving temperatures, compete with local restaurants, and increase your revenue streams. Not bad, right?

Money-making wells for all your ready-made and made-to-order delights
Convenience and customization are key to repeat business. Whether your customers want quick pre-packaged meals or the option to customize their order, Hatco hot and cold wells give you the versatility to accommodate both. From ready-made wings to grab-and-go salads and build-your-own sandwiches, give your customers the menu options they crave.

Worry-free food safety for all your deli and grocery holding needs
The last thing you want is guests getting sick from the food you serve them. Hatco holding equipment keeps food at safe serving temperatures (and out of the danger zone), so you can tend to the needs of your guests without worrying about food sitting out too long. Whether you need hot, cold, humidified or non-humidified holding — Hatco’s here to help you play it safe.

The supermarket and deli equipment you need.
With Hatco’s extensive selection of grocery store and deli equipment, there’s something for everyone. Whether you have a large grocery chain or a neighborhood supermarket, we offer a variety of front- and back-of-the-house solutions to keep business flowing. Explore our entire product catalog or check out these supermarket-sector favorites today:



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