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How Grocery Stores Can Survive and Thrive in a Grab-N-Go World

How Grocery Stores Can Survive and Thrive in a Grab-N-Go World


While some fads come and go, the grab-n-go trend shows no signs of slowing. Just the opposite, in fact. From those calorie counters among us to the comfort-food enthusiast simply looking for a hearty meal to eat after a long, hard day at work, more customers than ever are looking for food that’s ready-to-eat or heat-and-eat.

And that’s where you come in to give your customers exactly what they want — and to boost your own bottom line in the process.

How can grocery stores like yours make the most of this trend and compete with others that offer similar convenience? These tips can help.

Variety is the spice of life (and success)

No two customer demographics are quite alike and the menu you choose should reflect that diversity of needs and tastes. For example, parents with young children might be looking for something that’s not only convenient and healthy, but also passes the all-important “kid” test. Can you package or prepare those fruits and vegetables in a way that makes those kiddos genuinely excited about eating them? And that same mindset works for other demographics as well.

As always, remember the only constant is change. Be ready to abandon whatever you find isn’t working and test new items regularly with daily or weekly specials.

Easier does it

If menuing a variety of irresistible foods is step one in capitalizing on the demand for convenience food, making ordering and pickup simple is equally essential. Are you offering the option of ordering by phone or app? How easy are you making it for customers to pick up food once they arrive at your store?

Staffing appropriately is obviously an important step, but you might also want to consider going the extra mile by offering convenient pickup options. These could include curbside delivery via lockers (available soon from Hatco) that allow customers to get their food without any interaction at all with your workers.

‘Equip’ yourself to win.

The equipment you choose can make all the difference. The right equipment makes preparation easier, improves the overall quality of the food and ultimately leads to greater profitability. Hatco offers several great options to capitalize on this trend, including Flav-R-Savor® Heated Air Curtain Cabinets, Drop-In Heated Wells and Countertop Heated Wells.

Ready to get started or ramp up what you’re already doing to capitalize on the increasing demand for convenience food? We’re ready, willing and eager to help. For details, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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