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Convenience Store Equipment

Just because convenience store shoppers want fast service doesn’t mean they should sacrifice their standards. With Hatco convenience store equipment, customers can enjoy quality and convenience — while you drive home the sales.

A wide variety of equipment to meet your unique needs
Whether you run a small gas station or an expansive convenience store operation, there’s ample opportunity to turn a profit. But, you can’t capitalize on the convenience craze without the right equipment. That’s where Hatco comes in. For over 70 years, we’ve manufactured foodservice equipment to meet the diverse needs of our c-store customers. Whatever your goals, our gas station and convenience store supplies can help you reach them faster.

Elevated solutions for elevated customer expectations
Convenience store customers aren’t necessarily stopping in for just a candy bar or a cold beverage anymore. They expect more. They want breakfast, lunch, dinner — and everything in between. To keep them satisfied, take advantage of a new phase of convenience store solutions that look a lot like what you’d find in a quick serve restaurant. Eye-catching food cases, drawer warmers, commercial-grade toasters, and more — Hatco convenience store equipment meets the changing demands of your customers.

Convenience store equipment that ensures you’re prepared
Customers want to get in and out quickly, which means you can’t leave them waiting while you restock inventory or heat food for your hot meal stations. Prepare more menu items ahead of peak times with large-capacity, long-term holding equipment that will keep your food hot for hours. Then when it is time to refill grab-and-go meal stations or create a made-to-order sandwich, it’s that much easier and faster.

Food-focused convenience store displays that drive sales
Often in a hurry, convenience store customers grab what’s, well, convenient. If your food doesn’t get their attention immediately, you could be missing out on sales. Hatco convenience store equipment allows you to showcase your food with impressive and appetizing displays that sell more food and elevate the overall look and feel of your store. Choose from a large selection of colors, finishes, and styles that fit right in with your décor.

The convenience store equipment and supplies you need.
With Hatco’s wide selection of convenience store equipment, there’s something for everyone. Our array of turnkey equipment solutions offer the utmost quality and convenience for on-the-go customers, while helping you drive more sales. Explore our entire product catalog or check out these top-selling convenience store and gas station favorites today:



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"We have been working with Hatco products for over 30 years. Hatco's product line is reliable and consistent at meeting our expectations. When I think of Hatco products, I think of a quality product that will last."

— Mark Anderson, Equipment Manager, Orion Food Systems