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Hatco Drop In Insulated Steam Well | HWBI-43 Hot Food Well

Drop-In 4/3-Size Insulated Heated Well
HWBI-43 Commercial Steam Well

The HWBI-43 Drop-In 4/3-Size Insulated Top Mount Hot Food Well from Hatco holds a variety of hot and fresh foods at safe-serving temperatures, with self-adjusting thermostats that read the actual temperature of the well and add heat only when needed.

  • Fully insulated construction retains heat better, distributing it more evenly amongst the food to maintain product quality and more consistent holding times, while cooler surrounding surfaces guarantee customer safety.
  • Faster pre-heat and recovery improves energy efficiency.
  • HWBI-43D models are equipped with a drain; HWBI-43DA models are equipped with a drain and auto-fill.
  • HWBLI models are low watt; HWBHI models are high watt.