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Catering Equipment

Catering is all about creating appetizing displays that wow guests. Hatco catering equipment delivers — putting the spotlight on your food while providing you with a buffet of benefits.

Innovation that supports you and the catering trends that matter
At Hatco, our ability to innovate comes from a deep understanding of our customers’ challenges and the catering trends that are most impactful. Since 1950, we’ve been listening. We’ve listened to your needs. We’ve listened to your feedback. And we’ve listened to the research, so we can design and supply truly cutting-edge catering equipment.

Tireless catering equipment that keeps pace with the busiest of occasions
The fast-paced catering world can feel unrelenting without the right catering supplies and equipment in place. No matter the event — a formal banquet, a corporate convention, a birthday extravaganza — Hatco catering equipment keeps food looking and tasting great so staff can focus on keeping operations moving and guests smiling.

Flaunt-worthy solutions that showcase your food and fit with décor
At Hatco, we offer a wide variety of catering supplies and equipment in designer colors and styles that fit with any décor and make your culinary creations stand out. From thicker glass to brighter display lights and upscale finishes, Hatco catering equipment supplies a premium catering experience that’s sure to get people talking — and business flowing.

Low-labor catering equipment that boosts savings and profits
As labor costs continue to chip away at operator profits, more catering professionals turn to Hatco catering equipment and supplies to lower labor costs. Designed with the operator in mind, Hatco catering equipment reduces your reliance on labor, automates manual tasks, and weeds out inefficiencies — helping you do more with less.

Peace of mind with reliable catering equipment that’s built to last
We design equipment knowing that foodservice is one heck of a rugged business. When it’s go-time, you need to know that you can depend on your equipment to deliver temperature-safe food without compromising the quality of your scrumptious creations. Why risk it when you can get the Hatco guarantee you need with durable, worry-free catering equipment that’s always up for the challenge?

The catering equipment and supplies you need.
With Hatco catering equipment and supplies, there’s something for everyone and every occasion. We offer an extensive line of cooking, warming, holding and cooling solutions for both your front- and back-of-the-house catering needs. Explore our entire product catalog or check out these catering-supply favorites today:



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