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placeholder Food Rethermalizer/Bain-Marie Heater | FR2 Bain-Marie Rethermalizer

Hydro-Heater Food Rethermalizer / Bain-Marie Heater
FR2 Rethermalizers for restaurants and foodservice

Hatco's patented FR2 Hydro-Heater Food Rethermalizer/Bain-Marie Heater is designed to supply temperature-controlled water to a sink mounted above the heater, heating or holding foods at safe-serving temperatures between 140°F-190°F (60°C-88°C).

  • Uses “free-flow” technology and advanced electronic controls to assure a responsive and efficient operation.
  • Includes an electronic temperature controller with digital temperature display to maintain setpoint temperature.
  • Features a tubular water chamber with spiral heating element wrapped outside the flow tube so elements do not come in direct contact with the water.