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placeholder Hatco IWRM-C1 Palletti Countertop Induction Warmer

Palletti® Countertop Induction Warmer

Hatco’s IWRM-C1 Palletti® Countertop Induction Food Warmer offers a safe, efficient and attractive way to safely keep food hot with five precise low- to high-power warming levels that suit a wide variety of food types and large volume applications.

  • The power levels are memory retentive, so the last setting will resume when the unit is powered back on after being turned off.
  • Features a control panel with a standby key, temperature control arrow keys and temperature setting indicators.
  • Energy efficient, quiet operation has no open flames and an automatic shut-off, which prevents overheating, to enhance operator and public safety.
  • Pan Sense Technology (PST) activates the unit only when a suitable pan is placed on top.
  • Low-profile, ultra-thin design allows the focus to remain on the food, while the durable black glass-ceramic top is easy to clean.