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The Importance of Sanitation and Food Safety

The Importance of Sanitation and Food Safety


With many bars and restaurants throughout the country restricting their services to delivery and carry-out, it is important to remember some of the most basic foodservice operation practices. In a time where fear of disease and illness is at an all-time high, following these simple steps could help prevent the spread of infectious diseases and help foodservice operations weather these unprecedented times. Let's take a look at the things that can be done to help prevent the spread of disease and illness.

Safe handwashing techniques

I am sure by now everyone has been educated on the 20-second rule. In foodservice, this is especially critical. According to the Center for Disease Control, you should wash your hands before, during, and after preparing food, as well as before eating.


Proper cleanliness and sanitation are important for those handling food and for the equipment and cooking vessels used in food preparation, cooking, and serving. Using a hot water rinse that reaches or exceeds 180°F is critical to proper sanitation. Dish machines that utilize Hatco Booster Heaters, or soaking pots and pans in three-compartment sinks that incorporate Hatco Sanitizing Sink Heaters, are two great ways to ensure water temperatures meet or exceed necessary temperatures for proper sanitation.

Proper food holding

It is also important to keep food at the proper serving temperatures after being prepared and before pick-up or delivery. Outside of the obvious - that food is better when it is served hot - the longer food sits within the 'danger zone,' the greater the potential is for foodborne illnesses to occur. The danger zone is between 40°F to 140°F and is where bacteria grows the most rapidly. In fact, the rate of bacterial growth doubles in number in as little as twenty minutes when in the danger zone. Hatco offers several hot holding solutions for any foodservice operation for keeping prepared food out of the 'danger zone,' including humidified and non-humidified cabinets, heated shelves, buffet warmers, and strip heaters.

Stay safe with Hatco.

At Hatco, we're here to help keep food and working environments safe for everyone. Don't hesitate to contact us today to discuss the sanitation solutions or holding options that will be the right fit for your operation.

Written by Joe McAuliffe, Hatco Dealer Sales Manager.

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