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Creative Merchandising To Make Your Foodservice Revenue POP

Creative Merchandising To Make Your Foodservice Revenue POP


Pardon the play on words, but point of purchase, or POP, merchandising really can help sales pop. Instead of missing opportunities, you can put yourself in a position to win more sales and profits — especially if you’re strategic about how you go about it.

Success starts by brainstorming what might work for your unique needs. To help get those creative merchandising juices flowing, let’s look at some purchase-proven tips.

Make purchasing irresistible

How can you turn an item from a “meh” into a “must have”? Some of these ideas might be just the ticket:

  • Since first impressions are so important, take full advantage of entrances with engaging A-frame signage or other attention-getters.
  • Place impulse items in strategic locations, and consider using glass-encased merchandising warmers and display cabinets that help you “show and sell” safely.
  • Use Pinterest to find ideas and check out what others in your industry are doing (and then do something cooler).
  • Showcase offerings using general and display lighting, including decorative lamps and luminaires.
  • Make sure the music you choose matches your objectives — anything from “low and slow” to increase guest satisfaction to up-tempo to turn tables faster.
  • Appeal to their sense of smell by showcasing pleasant food aromas (you should have those already!) and eliminating any unsavory odors.

Make purchasing easier

Once you’ve made your offerings irresistible, it’s time to make sure they’re also easily accessible. The simpler you make the process, the more likely it is to secure those additional POP sales. Here’s a starter list of ideas:

  • Study traffic flows to position displays where they’ll enjoy the greatest success.
  • Ensure shelves and cabinets are at the ideal height for the average customer.
  • Use counters to full advantage by putting the most popular impulse items within easy reach.
  • Make the most of a grab-and-go section if it makes sense in your situation.
  • If you offer kiosks or mobile apps for ordering, make sure you’re using everything the technology offers by sharing coupons that incentivize repeat visits.

Make purchasing profitable

Revenue is revenue, but profits are what ultimately drive success. These ideas can help your POP efforts build your bottom line:

  • Keep good records of what’s working and what isn’t then adjust your POP efforts accordingly.
  • Use optimal refrigeration or heat to ensure your offerings look appetizing and remain in ideal eating condition for as long as possible.
  • Make signage count by promoting high-margin items.
  • Put the least-profitable items in the lowest-traffic areas.

At Hatco, we understand the importance of both food preparation and effective merchandising. Did anything here get your creative juices flowing? Have another winning suggestion you’d love to share? Let’s talk about it.

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