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Maximize Grab-N-Go Opportunities in Your Design

Maximize Grab-N-Go Opportunities in Your Design


A survey conducted by Technomic discovered that 69% of customers turn to grab-and-go foods for “added convenience,” with 45% of restaurant customers doing it for the same level of accessibility. The grab-and-go trend is here to stay, but what can designers do to maximize the potential of this new opportunity? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that restaurants, cafés and fast casual establishments can take advantage of this trend.

Focus on displays

The way food is displayed can have a large impact on the success (or lack thereof) of a grab-and-go establishment. Ideally, restaurants should use equipment, such as display cabinets and merchandisers, to catch the attention of onlookers and encourage purchases. Using the right lighting can also draw customers to specific food items that are marked for grab-and-go.

Consider placement

Grab-and-go foods should ideally be placed near the door where customers are quickly coming in and out for a bite to eat. Similarly, grab-and-go displays should be clearly marked to let patrons in a hurry know where they can snag a meal and move on with their day.

Note the position of the POS

Once a customer has a grab-and-go item in their hand, the individual should be able to easily spot where the checkout line and POS system are located. The grab-and-go trend is all about getting as many customers as possible in and out of the establishment to maximize the bottom line.

Avoid creating traffic

While displays, such as beverage coolers and heating equipment, can be invaluable, they can unfortunately pose a problem when poorly placed within the restaurant. Keep these displays in view, but out of the way of high traffic areas, such as checkout lines. The grab-and-go trend is all about speed and efficiency.

Go with unique displays

These days, there is a wide array of displays to choose from — restaurants should not limit themselves when it comes to selecting items, such as display cabinets and shelving. Curved display cabinets, for instance, can create a sleek, eye-catching look that may draw more customers to grab-and-go items as soon as they walk in the door.

Think about accessibility

Display units should not only capture the attention of customers, but they should also be functional. This means that customers should be able to easily access them without other items in the way, and employees should be able to quickly and efficiently replenish them when stock runs low.

Take multifunctionality into account

Ideally, displays should serve a dual-purpose: preserve the quality of hot foods while showcasing its best features. However, this is easier said than done. With different foods requiring different temperatures and humidity levels (think: fried chicken fingers versus a hot pretzel), foodservice establishments need versatile equipment, such as Hatco’s Intelligent Heated Display Cabinet with Humidity, to show off the food while protecting its integrity through humidity and temperature balancing controls. For cold foods, look to the cold shelves or hot/cold wells.

Taking advantage of the grab-and-go trend.

There are several ways that designers can help foodservice establishments maximize the grab-and-go trend. With Hatco displays, merchandisers and lighting, any design consultant can help restaurateurs boost their bottom line with a wide array of grab-and-go solutions that’ll keep customers comin’ back for more!

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