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The Super Secret Trick To Training Restaurant Employees

The Super Secret Trick To Training Restaurant Employees


The majority of restaurant operators (59%) say that staffing is their leading challenge to achieving success. With a high turnover rate in this industry, restaurateurs have no other choice but to dedicate a certain amount of time to training staff members on foodservice equipment. But what if it’s a lack of the right equipment that’s getting in the way? Let’s take a look at why the right foodservice equipment might just be the secret to this whole employee training thing.

Working with the right equipment

Intuitive, easy-to-use equipment means that employees will have less of a learning curve to overcome. Equipment with programmable controls, for example, allows chefs to preset cooking parameters, such as temperature and cook times. This takes the guesswork out of cooking so that really anyone can execute menu items to perfection — every single time.

Training is also easier for restaurateurs in the long run if they are working with reliable equipment. Pieces that break down over time or are prone to malfunctions can create unnecessary delays in the training process.

Finally, restaurateurs should strive to use foodservice equipment that meets certification standards for safety. Products, such as Hatco's heated wells, can hold a variety of hot and fresh foods at safe-serving temperatures. This particular product also has self-adjusting thermostats that read the actual temperature of the well and add heat only when needed. Smart equipment, like this, can reduce training time, as staff doesn’t need training on the ins and outs of using manual equipment or the required temperatures for each menu item.

Working with the right partner

Restaurateurs can benefit from working with a partner who has the proper foodservice credentials. The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers developed the Certified Foodservice Professional program back in 1987, and it continues to be the qualification restaurateurs look for in a partner.

In addition, the right partner is ideally available and accessible via several different means (e.g., online chat, email, phone) for whenever there is a question during the training process. They should also have the best resources available to help restaurateurs train their staff thoroughly, such as handouts and booklets that can be used for reference.

Setting a restaurant up for success.

Having the right foodservice equipment can mean the difference between developing a well-trained staff and working with a group of employees who are constantly confused on the job. Hatco foodservice equipment is as reliable as it is intuitive to use, translating to less training time and a staff that’s confident and successful. And, who doesn’t want that?

For more information Hatco’s trainer-approved equipment, click here!

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