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Antimicrobial Paint: The Best-Kept Sanitation Secret

Antimicrobial Paint: The Best-Kept Sanitation Secret


Even with proper cleaning and disinfection protocols in place, the reality is, foodservice spaces are full of hard-to-clean surfaces. Now more than ever, sanitation and safety measures are top-of-mind, and foodservice pros are pulling out all the stops to keep their staff and customers safe. While masks, handwashing, and limited contact are all well-known safety measures, there’s another lesser-known way to help mitigate the spread of germs: antimicrobial paint.

Breaking down the benefits of antimicrobial paint

Before we dive into the benefits of antimicrobial paint, let’s take a step back. First, you might be wondering, “What does antimicrobial mean?” Used to eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi — also known as germs — antimicrobials are agents that kill or stop the growth of microorganisms. Sanitizers and disinfectants are two common forms of antimicrobials. They’re used to keep hands and high-touch surfaces germ-free, and this year, they’ve become a hot commodity.

But, what if surfaces came with antimicrobial agents already built-in? That’s where antimicrobial paint or coatings come into play. Here’s a rundown on the boast-worthy benefits that make antimicrobial paint especially important in modern-day foodservice operations.

An added layer of protection

Prior to the pandemic, foodservice operators already had their cleaning processes in place, and for good reason: Foodservice is especially vulnerable to the spread of germs. From food prep to handoff and everything in between, there’s ample opportunity for germs to spread. Plus, sanitation concerns are at an all-time high these days, so the more safety measures you can take, the better. On top of your standard cleaning and disinfection protocols, antimicrobial paint is just reassurance that you’re limiting the spread of germs.

A turnkey sanitation step

By now, your staff is likely completing cleaning protocols like a well-oiled machine. But despite their diligence and hard work, the reality is, those processes take extra time and thought. With antimicrobial paint, on the other hand, a supplemental sanitation step is already done for you — it comes with the equipment. That’s not to say you can wash your hands of cleaning duties, of course. But at Hatco, we go the extra mile for you by incorporating antimicrobial powder coatings into our paint process (see it in action!).

Environmentally friendly

With any cleaning agent, the environmental impact is worth your consideration. But, with antimicrobial paints, you can set environmental concerns aside. They use naturally-occurring, environmentally sustainable silver ions to help inhibit the growth of microbes on their powder-coated surfaces. When moisture is present, the microbial coatings release silver ions, which attach to a microbe’s cellular structure to inhibit the growth of microbes. In other words, it’s a non-toxic way to kill germs. Not only that, but the coatings retain their antimicrobial protection over time.

Safeguard your operations and slow the spread.

While antimicrobial paint is one way to pandemic-proof your commercial kitchen equipment, it’s not the only way. Check out these other pandemic-proof ways to repurpose your foodservice equipment.

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