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The Best Way To Avoid Utility Bill Sticker Shock

The Best Way To Avoid Utility Bill Sticker Shock


Tired of doing a double take (and sometimes a triple take) every time you see your energy bill? On average, restaurants use about 5-7 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings — and rising energy prices make the ultimate threat of overspending on energy even more serious. But there’s a way to avoid having each month’s utility bill bring a fresh case of sticker shock. Every time you make a new equipment purchase, you’re making a choice that will significantly impact both your short-term and long-term bottom line.

Energy efficiency pays in the long (and not-all-that-long) run

Whether you’re in the market for a holding cabinet, strip heater or pretty much any other piece of foodservice equipment, make sure you always count the total lifecycle cost: purchase price + estimated utility bills + other long-term costs. Only looking at that one-time upfront cost is a poor indicator of what it will ultimately take to make opening those monthly utility bills a lot less painful.

Quality pays from day one

No matter how energy efficient a piece of equipment may or may not be, any corner-cutting on quality always comes at great cost. You work hard to provide a winning menu with consistently appetizing food. If your equipment doesn’t support those efforts because it’s unpredictable, unreliable and hard to use, you’ll be wasting energy, food and your time. Pay attention to quality and quality almost always pay you right back.

Making sure all the (energy) stars align

So, what’s the best way to go about finding quality, energy-efficient new equipment options? Start by checking its Energy Star® ratings. Energy Star is a government-backed symbol that can help you make the best possible decisions. With Energy Star, you can count on getting clear, trustworthy and unbiased information, including energy-saving tips specifically for restaurants.

Outsmart your utility bill with Hatco equipment.

Turn to Hatco for the quality, energy-friendly equipment that helps you outsmart your utility bill every time. For example, take advantage of:

Learn more today about how Hatco energy-efficient equipment is ready, willing and able to help you avoid utility bill sticker shock.

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