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A Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Hatco Equipment

A Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Hatco Equipment


With the end of the year inching closer, now’s a good time to evaluate your foodservice equipment and determine if you need to upgrade or replace anything. Should you decide new Hatco equipment is in order, there are a few purchasing paths you can pursue. Knowing which path is right for you starts with understanding three critical Hatco resources out there — our reps, our dealers, and our online content.

Hatco Representatives

Considering your equipment is fundamental to the performance and success of your operations, it’s worthwhile to seek guidance before swipin’ that credit card. That’s where Hatco representatives come in: They are the ultimate educational resource. Think of them as your own personal purchasing sherpa, eager to guide you to the absolute best Hatco solution for your needs. They have in-depth knowledge of Hatco equipment, its different applications, the foodservice industry as a whole, and are the perfect problem solvers. As a bonus, many of them have test kitchens where they can give you live demonstrations of Hatco equipment.

Where do you find these magical creatures? A local foodservice design consultant, dealer, or our website can put you in contact with a rep in your area. Upon reviewing your needs, representatives will identify potential solutions and make plans for a demonstration if necessary. Then come purchasing time, they'll hook you up with the best channel to do this — which is often a local Hatco dealer. Which leads us to our next resource!

Hatco Dealers

If you’ve been in the foodservice game for a while, chances are good you’ve already established a relationship with a dealer. As members of the Foodservice Equipment Distributors Association (FEDA), dealers have a broad-based knowledge of the various brands of equipment they sell, and can recommend options and solutions (Hatco or other), and then facilitate a purchase either in person, on the phone, and increasingly, online. Dealers buy equipment directly from manufacturers like us, so they often have “the goods” on-site. Not only that, but they often have an adjoining store or showroom, so you can check out the equipment in person or request a demonstration.

So, dealers are a great resource and they can make your purchase happen. What else? They often offer foodservice facility design and consultation services. Beyond that, they can help with financing, and other post-purchase logistics around delivery, installation and more. If you’re not already in regular contact with a dealer, a Hatco representative can put you in touch with one, or you can reach out directly to one in your area.

Hatco Online Resources

If you’re more of a go-it-alone (or go-it-partially-alone) kind of guy or gal, you have a bevy or resources available to you on our website. Reach out to a Hatco rep or dealer when the time is right in your process, but know that we’re here to support you along the way in your purchasing journey. We have extensive resources readily available on our website, including product spec sheets, manuals, parts manuals, and testimonials for each piece of equipment. And for certain pieces of equipment, such as heat lamps, use our handy interactive tool, which walks you through the selection process. But that’s not all. If you’re looking for further insights or education, you can refer to our resource library, watch product videos, or read up on the latest industry trends. Or, if you’re looking to get an in-person look at our equipment, check out our upcoming trade shows here.

Browse before you buy.

Even if you’re just starting to contemplate a new equipment purchase, it’s never early to familiarize yourself with the options. If you want the latest in innovative equipment, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our array of state-of-the-art equipment today!

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