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With Electric Waffle Makers, Waffles Aren’t Just for Breakfast

With Electric Waffle Makers, Waffles Aren’t Just for Breakfast

KWM18-2LG47 Krampouz Waffle MakerMilwaukee, WI (May 17, 2019) – Together in their commercial partnership, Hatco® Corporation and Krampouz are proud to offer Electric Waffle Makers, ideal for use in commercial kitchens and display cooking locations. 

Operators can use the Krampouz Waffle Makers to either warm up pre-made frozen product or cook fresh waffles from their own batter. Insulated heating elements create an even heat distribution across the surface of the plates, resulting in delicious waffles every time. A thermostatic control with a range of 120°F to 570°C (50°C to 300°C) allows for precise temperature control and consistent, quality cooking. 

Designed for quality and durability, the KWM has a stainless steel frame and a drip tray for waste recovery. The innovative Easy Clean System® allows for instant removal of the waffle irons, giving you ease of maintenance and cleaning, as well as increased reliability. 

Models are available with a 90° or 180° hinged opening with Liege or Brussels cast iron waffle plates, which are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. 

For additional information on the Hatco & Krampouz Electric Waffle Makers and other equipment, contact your Hatco sales representative or visit the Hatco website at 


From the corporate offices in Milwaukee to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sturgeon Bay, Wis., Hatco Corporation is a proud employee-owned company. Since 1950, Hatco has a history of excellence in the quality design, production and servicing of warming, toasting, holding, cooking, sanitizing and cooling equipment. Today, Hatco and Krampouz have also introduced Electric Crepe Makers to Hatco’s growing line of innovative light cooking equipment.