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A Need for Speed: Foodservice Equipment Must-Haves

A Need for Speed: Foodservice Equipment Must-Haves


There’s no doubt that foodservice is a fast-paced business. During peak serving hours, restaurants need equipment that allows them to turn around large quantities of quality food — fast. If they take advantage of state-of-the-art equipment to streamline their operations, not only can they keep pace with consumer demands, but they can accommodate bigger crowds and increase their sales volume.

Whether they’re looking to prepare food in advance, or cook up a tasty menu on the fly, here are a few speed-inducing equipment types every leading restaurant should consider:

Holding Cabinets
Meal rush times are hectic. While restaurant operators can ramp up kitchen staff for those times, that can be stressful (and expensive!), and sometimes it’s not enough to keep up. For times like these, holding cabinets come in handy. Since they’re designed to keep an array of foods at optimum-serving temperatures, holding cabinets allow cooks to prepare hot food in advance. That way, when peak serving times roll around, staff can keep their cool. And even better yet, holding cabinets come in a variety of energy-efficient models so businesses can keep their utility costs down.

Induction Ranges
When restaurants have big crowds to serve, not just any countertop stove will do. That’s why many restaurants turn to high-powered (and heavy-duty) induction ranges that are built for commercial use. When power is the name of the game, restaurant buyers should look for ranges that are equipped with a Magnetic Power System (MPS), as this will deliver the most power in its class. But, with technology nowadays, it doesn’t have to be all brawn and no beauty. Many low-profile designs offer a much-welcomed sleek and modern look (with energy-saving and convenience features to boot!).

Conveyor Toasters
When the crowds are craving carbs, restaurants need more than the ol’ two-at-a-time toaster. Thanks to modern conveyor toasters, you can now toast multiple products with the touch of a button! The best commercial toasters are specifically designed to accelerate toasting, with a heating chamber inside the conveyor to guarantee rapid and thorough toasting. They have convenience and power-saving features, such as automatic power save mode and sensor technology, so you can conserve time and energy.

Serve quality food fast, and save on costs.
By investing in the right equipment, restaurants can take their service speed to the next level without compromising quality. As a bonus, the high-tech options available make it possible to conserve energy and keep costs down. To find out more about Hatco’s energy-efficient, “pick-up-the-pace” equipment, contact us today!

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