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How to Do Delivery Better Than the Rest

How to Do Delivery Better Than the Rest


Whether foodservice operators want to expand on existing business by adding delivery service, or they’re zeroing in on a delivery-only offering, now’s the time to step up their game. With demand at an all-time high, there are must-do’s that every operator should follow to deliver on delivery. Let’s discuss.

Optimize the menu
The million-dollar question when it comes to great to-go food? How do operators deliver it on time and at the right temperature — without compromising its quality? Well, the most turn-key solution is to tweak the menu. When optimizing menus for delivery, “less is more.” By sticking to a streamlined menu with fewer options (and ingredients), operators can focus on the quality and consistency of the final food product, not the endless options. Not only does this ensure better service and happy customers, it enables foodservice operators to keep their costs at bay.

Use the right holding equipment
It’s one thing to deliver to-go orders a few at a time, but what about the dinner rush? That’s where holding equipment comes in handy, since it allows foodservice operators to prep food in advance of peak meal times. We’re not talking about just any ol’ holding equipment though. High-tech equipment like built-in drawer warmers come with fancy insulated cavities to keep foods hot and flavor-fresh for serving. And since space is in short supply in many commercial kitchens, they even come in narrow width models.

With that said, if operators want to maximize their heated holding space, holding cabinets are another helpful option. Fully insulated and complete with control panels, these are a foolproof way to keep the heat and preserve quality for large amounts of food. Need more ideas? Check out the newest Hatco holding equipment designed specifically for to-go orders!

Maximize throughput with to-go shelves
Time and temperature are of the essence in the delivery business. Nobody likes to wait around for cold food. Luckily, with heated shelves, they don’t have to. Designed with delivery and take-out in mind, these shelving units come with individual temperature controls, so operators can keep food at optimum serving temperatures. And since units come with timers, operators don’t need to worry about monitoring them. They’ll get an alert once food’s ready, and in the meantime, they can multitask to their heart’s content.

As if those perks weren’t enough, heated shelves are the kings of convenience. Take third-party delivery services such as GrubHub, Uber Eats or DoorDash, for example. With heated shelves, operators can keep bags and boxes of food hot and ready for up to 30 minutes, so large quantities are ready for quick pick-up and delivery drivers aren’t left waiting around.

Streamline kitchen space
Less congested commercial kitchens equal more efficient operations. Thanks to innovative equipment, operators can cut back on congestion and speed up their carry-out operations. How’s that for a two-for-one deal? With a locker system, for example, operators can conveniently hold multiple to-go orders in individualized compartments. Since these can be set up outside of the kitchen, they free up space for back-of-house operations. At the same time, customers and delivery drivers can access their locker, grab their order, and go — while operations keep humming along.

One-stop-shop for delivery and take-out solutions
Are you or someone you know searching for a complete set of equipment solutions to meet delivery and take-out demands? We’ve got ‘em covered. Check out our one-stop-shop for the game-winning Hatco delivery equipment solutions.

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