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Practical (and Profitable) Use Cases for Foodservice Displays

Practical (and Profitable) Use Cases for Foodservice Displays


Whether at a convenience store or a full-service restaurant, displays have a wide range of use cases across foodservice segments. With displays, everybody wins, as they offer grab-and-go convenience for the consumer, provide temperature control for foodservice operators and serve as a sales tool for businesses.

Below are three popular display varieties, and a quick rundown on how various foodservice industries use them:

1. Display cabinets
Not to be mistaken for the everyday cupboard, display cabinets offer the functional perks of a tried-and-true cabinet with the know-how of a seasoned sales savant. Take heated display cabinets for example. These crowd-pleasers not only store food, but they allow on-the-go consumers to grab a hot meal when they’re in a hurry. And when placed near checkout areas at convenience stores or cafeterias, these self-service gems can prompt impulse purchases that might not have otherwise happened.

Furthermore, heated displays work wonders at concession stands. Their tempered glass sides and doors allow foodservice vendors to keep a high volume of food at optimum temperatures for those crowded ball games. Not only that but their “show and sell” practicality, coupled with incandescent and LED lighting options, make them a merchandising slam dunk. If those game-goers didn’t want a hot dog or nachos beforehand, they do now.

Lastly, display cabinets are becoming more common in cafeterias and senior living facilities. And while it’s a lesser-known use case, some educational institutions are even taking display cabinets on carts for meal delivery to classrooms. Talk about convenience!

2. Display cases
Akin to display cabinets, display cases (aka merchandisers) offer much of the same benefits as their cabinet cousins. However, their full-view designs typically provide an added layer of visibility. Another convenience store favorite, these display cases allow foodservice vendors to keep their products hot while cashing in on those customers that can’t resist a good eye-catching treat. And like display cabinets, display cases come with various lighting options to illuminate your products, so they stand out even more. And if you're keen on keeping energy consumption down, check out this model with instant-on sensors, and individually-zoned heating with front and rear controls.

For businesses offering a range of cuisines, such as cruise lines or casinos, display cases are a great go-to because they’re available with or without humidity. If food requires more moisture to stay fresh, the humidity chambers are a lifesaver.

3. Holding cabinets
Foodservice sectors, such as catering, full-service restaurants and Business & Industry (B&I), often need to prepare large volumes of food in advance of peak serving times. For these markets, holding cabinets can come in handy to help maintain proper serving temperatures for the masses. And while you may not think these are displays upon first glance, think again! Depending on the model you select, you can get full-view transparency plus a cabinet that’s built for commercial use. These cabinets come in a range of sizes to hold large quantities of hot foods for extended periods of time. And to keep the operator in charge, they come with thermostatically-controlled heat and humidity to keep products at a temperature that’s just right.

Make meals stand out.
While displays have a versatile range of practical applications, when used (and placed) strategically, they can also facilitate higher sales volume. To figure out which display cabinets, display cases or holding cabinets are right for you and your customers, explore Hatco’s display product line to check out the range of options available!

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