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Downtime During the Pandemic

Downtime During the Pandemic


These days life has changed for many of us in ways we could not have imagined a short time ago. Many foodservice facilities have either closed in their entirety or, at the very least, closed all front of house operations, leaving only the kitchen as the income generator offering to-go menu items.

What is one to do during these times? Lately has that one piece of equipment not performed as it did when new? Is there a knob that has broken off and has been avoided for some time? Have some hinges gotten too worn out and need replacement?

This would be a perfect time to perform some deep cleaning and/or maintenance on the equipment that is not currently in use. When we are able to start getting back to normal and our establishments open back up for business, the equipment needs to be in top operating condition so as not to allow another unintended delay in your operation.

Here are some things to do now:

  1. Focus on the most critical pieces of equipment in the facility. What could you get by with as is and what could you not live without?
  2. Look at the manual for the maintenance schedule, or research online if the manual can no longer be found. Hatco’s manuals are all available online and include a detailed maintenance section.
  3. Repair and test. If the maintenance is more than a deep clean or replacing a cosmetic piece, make sure you have the service completed by a certified technician.
  4. Make sure the equipment is clean and in proper working order. This is a great time to deep clean and get that equipment looking and working like new again.

Moving forward foodservice establishments will have to win back the trust of their customers. Cleanliness and sanitation will be the focus.

What else can you do during this time?

  1. Update your website and social media accounts. Are you open? Has the menu changed due to you offering take-out/pick-up?
  2. Deep clean your establishment. Implement new cleaning and sanitation guidelines so your customers can have peace of mind when returning to your establishment.
  3. Have you changed your establishment's direction during this time? Many establishments have started to offer groceries for pick-up along with their menu items. Others have removed all tables and chairs from the FOH and turned themselves into a market. A market that is still offering full meals when people are shopping. How you pivot your business at this time may be the deciding factor on your ability to pull through this event.

We have all felt the change and are working through the challenges of this pandemic. Remember during this time to keep your distance, wash your hands and try to stay positive. Sharing ideas and helping each other move forward will get us through this.

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