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What You Need To Know About Hatco’s New ‘Invisible’ Induction Warmer

What You Need To Know About Hatco’s New ‘Invisible’ Induction Warmer


Induction technology has been around for a long time now, dating all the way back to the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair. But up until this point, most induction warming solutions have been — well — highly visible. Of course, there are some super-sleek, low-profile induction products on the market that are barely visible. And a few years ago it became possible to safely heat pans through natural stone. But there are challenges with that and it is expensive. Until now. Hatco’s new Maskerade™ Undercounter Induction Warmer addresses these hurdles, is truly hidden out of clear sight — and is quickly becoming the belle of the (masquerade) ball for a number of reasons.

1. Instant sophistication
Let’s be honest, a lot of traditional warming equipment looks a bit institutional. That’s not the case with the Maskerade. Perfect for hospitality suites, hotels, casinos, patient care facilities, upscale grocery stores, and really any operation that’s going for an “elevated” look — the Maskerade is installed out of view, entirely underneath the operator’s countertop. A slip-resistant trivet sits between the countertop and serving dish, giving the impression that there’s no holding equipment at all. This allows operators to create beautiful displays using attractive chafing and serving dishes that fit perfectly with the look they’re after. Just remember, magnetic pans with ferrous (iron) content are a must with induction. For more on pan compatibility, check out number six in another one of our blog posts.

2. Front-of-the-house safety
The Maskerade is equipped with several safety features to ensure that operators and guests, the countertop, and the unit itself are protected. For starters, a fan-driven ventilation system prevents the unit from overheating. Our Pan Sense Technology (PST) only activates the unit when its smart trivet and a suitable pan are present. Also, if an unexpected ferrous object (such as a fork) is detected, the unit will not energize. And those countertops? Those babies are safe thanks to the PST and protective layer provided by the trivet (which also has better, “stickier” gription than any of the competition).

3. Versatile as all get-out
The Maskerade is compatible with a large variety of countertop materials, including engineered and natural stone, concrete, and reconstituted glass. With five low-to-high power levels, the Maskerade also accommodates a variety of food types. From thick and delicious chili and creamy sauces to fried chicken and waffles, the Maskerade is as versatile as it is effective at holding food safely and at peak quality.

4. A fraction of the noise
Nothing zaps the mood and ambiance at an establishment quite like a loud, distracting equipment fan. Outfitted with a high-capacity, low-speed cooling fan, the Maskerade “keeps its cool” while barely making a sound. Adding just 10 decibels (dB), compared to 20 dB for most competitors, this induction queen is so quiet nobody will even know she’s there. Yet one more powerful layer of invisibility!

5. Easy to install and service
Like all Hatco equipment, the Maskerade is designed for easy installation and service. There’s no cutting into or damaging the integrity of the countertop. Rather, a plywood substrate (of an appropriate thickness) is attached to the underbelly of the countertop, brackets are added, and the induction warmer is simply mounted to the brackets. And the kicker? The unit drops down like an old-school cassette player to facilitate easy-breezy servicing.

All that without the high price tag.
Designed with the utmost value in mind, Hatco’s new Maskerade Undercounter Induction Warmer offers all of the features users look for — at a price that’s 53% lower than its nearest competitor. Who said elegance, safety, versatility, ambiance, and ease had to come with a high price tag? Not Hatco. To learn more about the “invisible” induction warmer everyone’s talking about, check out our Maskerade product page or contact us today.

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