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How to Use Old Kitchen Equipment to Add New Items to Your Menu

How to Use Old Kitchen Equipment to Add New Items to Your Menu


Like most industries, trends in foodservice are ever-changing. To keep up, you need to adapt to what’s in demand. Not only that, but it’s important to periodically update your menu to keep things fresh and exciting for customers.

And while you want to ensure your menu is enticing, you don’t want to purchase new equipment every time you have a menu change. Luckily, you won’t have to if you leverage your existing equipment in versatile ways. Rely on these kitchen equipment staples to save on costs and keep your menu interesting.

Induction cooktop ranges
When it comes to cooking versatility, induction cooktop ranges are second to none. Whether you have a built-in or countertop range, this multi-purpose, commercial-grade cooking solution is designed to accommodate diverse menu needs. Whether you want to add a specialty soup or a mouthwatering stovetop dessert to your menu, induction ranges offer speed and precision temperature control, allowing you to cook everything from starters to sweets.

Multi contact grills
Protein preferences vary widely from person to person, and what’s popular is always shifting. Fortunately, multi contact grills offer a high-performing, adaptable solution for cooking a range of meat (and non-meat) options, so you can please the crowds. With their even heat distribution and temperature range, they’re well-equipped to prepare various proteins and increasingly popular plant-based options, so you can switch up your menu offerings as needed.

Drawer warmers
No matter what’s on your menu, you’ll need to keep it warm, especially as you’re preparing for mealtime rushes. Drawer warmers fit the bill for this, and since they hold everything from meats to vegetables to rolls, they spell versatility with a capital V. Whether you want to keep your menu staples warm, or you’re incorporating some of the latest trends, drawer warmers are a reliable standby to keep a range of foods hot and flavor-fresh.

With the right equipment, you can reimagine your menu time after time.
Where possible, make the most of your existing equipment to revitalize your menu. And if the time comes for new equipment, check out Hatco. With our long-standing reputation for excellence, you can feel confident that you’re getting durable, multi-functional equipment that will stand the test of time.

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