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The Top Questions We Heard at This Year's NRA Show

The Top Questions We Heard at This Year's NRA Show


While exhibiting at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show, we had the privilege of talking with industry leaders about the latest foodservice trends. And while we learned (and shared) a lot, we heard many of the same questions again and again from seasoned NRA-goers. Below are the top questions — and answers — we discussed at the Hatco booth.

The all-day breakfast trend is more popular than ever. Does Hatco offer breakfast-friendly cooking equipment?
With the “breakfast at all hours” trend in full effect, consumers are taking advantage of our latest breakfast equipment in their commercial kitchens. Right now, waffles are one of the most in-demand breakfast items. To accommodate the waffle lovers, we teamed up with Suntec to create the Round Waffle Maker, which is specially designed for hours of continuous, everyday use. And even better, it comes with standard and Belgian-style cast aluminum cooking plates, so cooks and customers have options. But that’s not all. We also partnered with Krampouz to create the Electric Waffle Maker, designed to cook perfect quality waffles. With both of these options, you can serve tasty waffles round-the-clock. It doesn’t get much better than that!

What are Hatco’s solutions for the overwhelming issue of food waste?
The restaurant industry alone generates approximately 11.4 million tons — $25 billion worth — of food waste each year. With food waste at an all-time high, we’re working hard to do our part. One way we’re reducing waste is with foodservice equipment that holds food longer without compromising quality, so you don’t have to throw it away. In fact, we have a whole line of merchandisers that are built to do just that.

One of our go-to merchandisers is the Flav-R-Savor® Heated Air Curtain Cabinet, which is engineered to create even temperatures and longer hold times than traditional merchandisers. With no front doors, customers have easy access to hot and fresh foods when they want it. The Intelligent Heated Display Cabinet with Humidity is also perfect way to showcase your foods with 360 degree viewing. This unit regulates air temperature while at the same time balancing humidity levels for the best environment for foods.

How can Hatco help me save on energy consumption?
We pride ourselves on creating energy-efficient equipment for a few reasons. For starters, inefficient equipment is expensive, and it can slow down your operations. On top of that, it’s bad for the environment, and we’re all for saving precious energy. Because of this, we’re continually coming up with equipment to save on energy and streamline your operations. Our countertop and built-in induction ranges are a great example of this, as they have energy-saving features such as automatic shut-off, pan detection technology and programmable cooking modes, so you’re not using energy (and burning costs) when you don’t need to.

What is Hatco's response to the increased demand for healthy grab-n-go snacks?
There’s no doubt about it — healthy eating habits are on the rise, even when it comes to snacktime. Health-conscious consumers are looking for fresh options without the wait. To keep pace, foodservice operators need the right equipment to facilitate grab-n-go snacks that are fresh and ready. That’s where we come in. With our selection of cold shelving units, you can keep fresh produce on hand.

And while you’re upgrading your snacking options, be flexible. The definition of snacking is changing, so utilize equipment that allows you to change along with it. Remember that all-day breakfast trend we mentioned above? With the Round Waffle Maker, for example, you can offer whole-grain waffles to pair with your fresh fruit. Since they’re equipped for continuous use, they make quick happen fast so you can expand your grab-n-go menu with popular — and healthy — options to keep customers happy.

Keep up with the trends.
As a trusted foodservice professional, you need to be prepared with the best solutions. To keep pace, stay on top of industry trends and think about how innovative equipment can help you deliver on these trends. If you weren’t able to attend this year’s NRA Show, read more about the hottest trends discussed and Hatco’s go-to solutions here!

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