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Making Sense of Made-to-Order

Making Sense of Made-to-Order


In fashion, one size rarely fits all. The industry simply wouldn’t survive without a high level of customization. That same push toward personalization has become a driving force at restaurants, too.

Are made-to-order menus here to stay? Are restaurants the next industry that must learn how to survive and thrive in an increasingly “bespoke” world? And what does it all mean for you?

Let’s look closer at what’s behind the trend — and how best to respond to the challenges and opportunities it provides.

The move toward a “bespoke” world.
If you’re not familiar with the term “bespoke,” it’s best defined as “making and selling a product — or providing any sort of service — specifically for a single person.” In other words, it’s the exact opposite of those overly processed, made-for-anyone-and-everyone menus that are falling increasingly out of favor. Bespoke is here now and it’s not going away any time soon.

Driven by shifting demographics.
Millennials are leading this long-term cultural shift away from traditional menus toward made-to-order customization. In fact, more than a third order something different every time they enter a restaurant. Millennials want fresher options that wet their appetites in intriguing and ever more creative ways. And it’s never been more important to give them exactly what they want, precisely the way they want it.

Driven by real customer needs and personal beliefs.
There’s more behind this made-to-order trend than just shifting demographics, though. It’s also fueled by patrons with specific challenges like celiac disease that absolutely require more specialized menus. More than ever before, many patrons also order based on personal convictions, such as a desire to move away from animal-based to plant-based protein sources.

Making the most of made-to-order
The most interesting thing about the move to this brave, new, bespoke world is that it’s probably not a trend at all. It’s here to stay — and the right equipment can make all the difference. And whether it’s keeping food hot from the chef to the customer or capitalizing on plant-based protein, fire-roasted foods or any other hot menu directions, we’re ready to help. To discuss what made-to-order menus will mean for you and find equipment that can make all the difference, contact your Hatco rep today.

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