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Keeping Food Hot from the Chef to the Customer

Keeping Food Hot from the Chef to the Customer


Keeping food warm while cooking for crowds can be a challenge. A restaurant might have the best chef in town, but if they can’t keep food hot from point A to point B, they’re in trouble. The good news is, heat lamps make it possible to deliver food at optimal serving temperatures.

But, as you’re on the hunt for a heat lamp, you’ll quickly realize there are options aplenty. And while it’s good to have options, it’s critical to understand the difference between them.

In this post, we’ll discuss two popular types of heat lamps –– decorative lamps and strip heaters — and which is right for your setup.

When to use decorative lamps
These dual-purpose lamps are the perfect mix of fashion and function. But, let’s talk about the function part first. If you need to equip various serving stations with bulb warmers to briefly hold food at safe serving temperatures, decorative lamps are the ticket. Since they come in an array of shapes and sizes, these heat lamps are a versatile way to provide radiant heat. And even better yet, they’re customizable, so you can configure decorative lamps to complement your decor. In many restaurants, decorative lamps are located above visible serving stations, so beyond just being practical, they should be (and can be) pretty.

When to use strip heaters
If you need a power-packed heat source to keep a high volume of plates at just the right temperature, strip heaters are your answer. While these can come in handy if you’re preparing for mealtime rushes, they’re also ideal heating solutions for high-traffic restaurant environments. Whether you’re running a buffet, cafeteria, or concessions, strip heaters are a heavy-duty heating source that can keep significant quantities of food warm for extended periods. Since they’re built to provide steady holding temperatures, you don’t need to worry about food drying out or overcooking. And, if you’re looking to spruce up your strip heaters, you’re in luck, as you can choose from a range of color options.

When it comes to heat, Hatco’s got you covered.
Whether you need decorative lamps or strip heaters, Hatco’s here for you. Thanks to the heat lamp options available, you can make sure your food will be hot and presentation-ready. And since our solutions are designed for commercial use, they’re sturdy, well-made and built to stand the test of time.

If it’s customized decorative lamps you’re after, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get your order just right. If you’d like to learn more about features and pricing, contact us today.

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