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How ‘Milwaukee’s Best New Restaurant’ Delivers with Toast

How ‘Milwaukee’s Best New Restaurant’ Delivers with Toast


Birch + Butcher, a modern bistro and butcher shop in Milwaukee, offers sophisticated yet unpretentious Midwestern fare that’s prepared to perfection over the city’s only open-fire hearth. Striking the perfect balance in primitive and modern cooking tools, Birch + Butcher prepares the majority of its menu over the flame-powered hearth, but relies on the modern-day convenience of Hatco’s Toast-Qwik Electric Conveyor Toaster for all things toast.

Here’s how Birch + Butcher tackles the challenges of a popular brunch service to live up to its prestigious title as “Milwaukee’s Best New Restaurant.”

Beneath Birch + Butcher’s hip and casual aesthetic is a surprising element of fine dining that’s seen through its superior quality of food and service. With a bustling brunch service, the popular restaurant carries a tremendous responsibility to deliver high-quality, consistent food to a lot of people — fast.

To uphold this level of excellence, Chef and co-owner Miles Borghgraef needed a reliable and efficient toaster solution that could keep up with the high brunch demands — without the expensive overhead costs of additional staff. Plus, since patrons can see directly into the kitchen and behind the shop counter, Borghgraef couldn’t risk throwing off the restaurant’s modern vibe with just any old toaster. He needed an equally sleek and attractive toaster to complement the decor.

Rather than relying on the restaurant’s oven or open-fire hearth — which results in crusty bread, not toast — Borghgraef turned to Hatco, a brand he’s trusted throughout his career.

“If its got bread on it, and it has to do with breakfast, it’s going through a Hatco toaster here,” says Borghgraef.

Armed with the TQ3-400 model of Hatco’s Toast-Qwik Electric Conveyor Toaster, Birch + Butcher successfully upholds the look and feel of the restaurant and delivers on its promise of speed and quality. The following product features make this possible:

  • Advanced controls provide flexible options with consistent toasting and delivery of up to 400 slices per hour.
  • Patented ColorGuard Sensing System monitors and adjusts conveyor speed during peak periods to ensure toast color uniformity.
  • Intuitive LED touch screen relies on visuals, rather than text, to ensure anyone (no matter their native language or skills) can operate the toaster, eliminating the cost of a dedicated “toaster person.”
  • Power save mode activates automatically after a certain period of time, or by pressing the power save button on the touchpad, to conserve energy and utility costs.
  • Attractive touch screen and color options (stainless steel, warm red or black) seamlessly integrates with modern decor.

To date, Borghgraef estimates that 100,000 plus pieces of toast have gone through the toaster. “We run this thing six hours a day, every day. It’s never had an issue. [It’s a] reliable, hardworking piece of equipment,” says Borghgraef.

Plus, the unit saves the restaurant money. For starters, there haven’t been any maintenance or servicing costs, and the toaster’s power-saving features keep utility costs down. Also, “the speed and efficiency is awesome,” says Borghgraef. “We don’t have to put an actual employee on the toast station. It’s simple to operate so anyone on staff can handle using it. It’s also super quick, so really does the job of two full people.”

Lastly, the LED touchscreen is the quintessential “jam on the toast,” providing Birch + Butcher with that extra special element. It’s “beyond any toaster I could imagine. And it’s really, really cool,” says Borghgraef. “I sure as heck haven’t used anything better than a Hatco toaster; that’s for sure.”

Hungry for more?
For additional information on Hatco’s Toast-Qwik Electric Conveyor Toaster, visit the Hatco website today. Or, check out Birch + Butcher’s menu and get yourself some amazing toast or wood-fired delights. They do not disappoint.

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