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The Impact of Salamander Equipment on Top Food Trends

The Impact of Salamander Equipment on Top Food Trends


There’s a fair share of food trends that have ebbed and flowed over the years. Some fads fade quickly, whereas other trends become timeless staples. Nonetheless, staying on top of what’s next on the horizon is important for the evolution of your operation and the satisfaction of your guests. But just knowing the newest trends isn’t enough; you also need to know how to execute on them. If you’ve been in the industry for any time at all, you know that the right equipment is often the key. Let’s explore how the small-but-mighty salamander can help your establishment deliver on some of the hottest food trends today and position yourself for lasting success.

Food as wellness

The age-old quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food,” is an adage often used in the wellness world. Now, this isn’t saying to replace medicine with food, but more so that the foods we consume help direct the overall health of our bodies. Wellness will never go out of style and serving meals with tasty options for health-conscious guests is a big win. In fact, according to a recent study, eating healthier was the most highly-ranked lifestyle change consumers are looking to make, particularly when it concerns food they’re not making themselves.

So how do you support this healthy eating mission? Cooking lean meats, healthy veggies and other whole food options for your customers is a great place. In addition to the type of items you choose to serve, it’s also important to look at how you prepare them. One healthy option to consider is lightly cooked food. This preparation can help preserve essential vitamins and minerals since longer cook times and hotter temperatures can contribute to increased nutrient breakdown and loss.

Furthermore, a low-temp and quick cook can actually help some vitamins and minerals become more bioavailable. For example, the iron within raw spinach doesn’t readily absorb into the body; but lightly cook it for about 10 minutes and the amount of iron the body absorbs from each bite of that leafy green increases.

For all of these reasons, a commercial salamander shines in the light cooking arena. Salamanders use infrared heating technology to lightly (and quickly) cook and hold food at optimal temperatures. Additionally, some quality units incorporate multiple heating elements and an adjustable housing unit to make cooking all different types and sizes of menu items a breeze.

Vegan and plant-based foods

Healthy foods can come in many forms, but one thing is for sure — veggies, seeds, fruits and nuts are at the top of the list of good-for-you grub. Well-balanced vegan and plant-based diets have even been shown to lower some adverse health risks. That’s something worth paying attention to, so bring on the edamame, asparagus, berries and beans.

While boosting health is one reason the vegan- and plant-based movement is strong and growing, it isn’t the only one. Some consumers cite personal convictions or environmental reasons for limiting or excluding animal-based foods from their diet. And although some people strictly follow a no-animal-product regimen, there’s a whole following of flexitarians or reducetarians who prefer eating plant-based or vegan foods regularly but will enjoy a juicy burger or yogurt smoothie from time to time.

In the past, finding vegan or plant-based options on any menu was almost impossible. But now, the heightened demand for plant-based goods has operations catering to a whole slew of produce-loving consumers who want more choices for their meals away from home. So raise your glass to vegan milk, mock meats and all the plant-based products making veggie-lover options soar — because veganizing recipes is all the rage.

Demand aside, it’s no secret that cooking up vegan or plant-based foods can get a little tricky. But have no fear; with a good recipe in tow and quality equipment on hand, you can whip up a vegan or plant-based feast in no time.

So, how can your salamander get in on this delicious endeavor? There’s no end, but caramelized plantains with roasted green beans and scallions are one place to start. Simply glaze ripe plantains with lemon zest, ginger and brown sugar sauce and place this starchy fruit about six to eight inches under the salamander’s heat source. Once these babies show that brown caramelized perfection, toss in sauteed green beans and crisp scallions, and this dish will surely be a star of your establishment.

Mushroom madness

Another trend making waves in the foodie world belongs in a kingdom of its own — quite literally. Fun fact, mushrooms aren’t actually considered a plant (or an animal, for that matter). Instead, they’re in their own category of fungus. These edible sporophores are famous for their meaty texture and ability to take on and absorb a whole host of incredible flavors. Not only that, but the large variety of mushrooms available creates the stage for endless creative culinary crafting. In addition, they also possess an abundance of health benefits that only increase their cult following.

Even more fabulous, mushrooms are famously easy to cook. Their unique cell walls don’t break down from high heat or long cook times. That means they retain that hearty texture even in the hottest situations. On the flip side, it only takes about five minutes to get these babies nice and tender, making them a great choice for lightly cooked meals.

Get these trending toadstools cooking in a quality salamander grill for some delicious broiled, stuffed portabella mushrooms. And to make it even better, top this tempting entree with a sprinkle of lightly melted asiago, and your satisfied customers will order it again and again.

Superb sustainability

Foodservice trends often expand beyond the menu. Operational practices, as well as the ethos of establishments, are something customers consider. Preserving the natural beauty and resources of our planet is something that’s on the forefront of many people’s minds. Sometimes that means walking or biking to work, recycling what you can and eating plant-based goods from time to time. All those little things add up and can lessen the overall impact we have on our beloved Mother Earth.

Foodservice establishments can join that collaboration and do their part with actions like composting food, choosing sustainable packaging, opting for locally sourced foods and recycling whenever possible. Another area where businesses can make an impact is by limiting their overall energy consumption. In fact, units like salamanders offer energy-efficient infrared technology as their heating source. But that’s not all the energy savings salamanders offer. Some high-quality units provide a plate detection feature that limits wasted energy by deactivating the unit if a plate isn’t under the heater. And since curbing energy output also helps with the budget, investing in a salamander is not only a benefit to the environment — but also the pocketbook.

Stay in touch.

With the ever-changing and intricate world of foodservice, staying on top of the current food trends ensures your operation doesn’t lose touch with the present-day needs and wants of your consumers. Keep up with whatever comes your way with helpful solutions like Hatco’s Electric Salamander. To learn more, check out this comprehensive product guide.

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