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What Lamp Is Right for Your Space?

What Lamp Is Right for Your Space?


When you’re designing a commercial foodservice space, there’s more to consider than just aesthetics. You also need to make sure your design choices are conducive to smooth operations. Good lighting is a key component of smart design and when it comes to the kitchen, so are decorative lamps. But the number of options can be overwhelming, so before you make design decisions, take inventory of your specific needs to determine the right decorative lamp equipment for your space.

Figure out what type of decorative lamps you need by asking these questions:

Will you need to keep food warm at multiple stations?
By now, you probably know that 30 seconds is all it takes for plated food to become not-so-hot. If you intend to briefly hold food warm at various kitchen stations and waitstaff pickup locations, decorative lamps are the way to go. Beyond providing radiant heat, they’re versatile, with a range of styles and mounting options, so you can use them in various locations to suit your needs. Not only that, but if your stations are visible to guests, you can mix and match colors and lampshades to dress up your decor and create a custom, contemporary look. But before you get all fancy, make sure you get your measurements right by using our interactive “Build-A-Lamp” tool.

Will you have one high-traffic foodservice area?
A tricky part of planning foodservice design is forecasting your needs in advance. That said, assuming things go your way and you’ll need to accommodate a high volume of hot plates during mealtime rushes, strip heaters are your answer. They come in a range of sleek designs, and they pull their weight by ensuring maximum food holding time for many plates without drying out or continuing to cook the food.

Is lighting your primary concern?
When you have a bustling foodservice environment, it’s important to get your lighting right. Whether you’re looking for general kitchen lighting or display lighting, you’re in luck because we’ve got a myriad of bright solutions that are built to last. And with the range of options available for mounting and switches, the sky’s the limit when you’re configuring lighting to fit your specific needs. If you’re looking for accent lighting to set the mood, or to illuminate key areas throughout the restaurant, such as the hostess stand, table tops or countertops, luminaires are where it’s at. Just be sure not to overdo it with your bulb wattage though. To create the perfect ambiance, keep your luminaire bulbs under 200 watts.

Make your space shine.
By asking yourself these questions, you can make the right design choices and find the most appropriate heating sources for your space. If you determine decorative lamps are what you’re after, give our interactive configurator tool a whirl. This handy tool takes you through the feature selection process step-by-step — from the unit wattage to the shade style — so you can custom build the most functional and fashionable lamps for your space. And if you need additional guidance on decorative lamp mounting or pricing, contact us today!