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Why Hatco’s Snack System Is a Money-Making Machine

Why Hatco’s Snack System Is a Money-Making Machine


Investing in foodservice equipment is a big decision. Businesses can’t just throw money at any old piece of equipment and assume it’ll pay off. They need assurance that what they buy will make them money. Because — while filling bellies and spreading joy is part of the equation — foodservice businesses also need to, well, drive business.

Luckily, Hatco has teamed up with fellow-manufacturer Suntec to create the ultimate money-making, crowd-pleasing, bank-account-filling, magic machine — the Hatco®/Suntec Snack System. Here’s why it’s sure to make any hungry business big bucks!

One system, endless uses.
The Snack System is extremely versatile. It’s one system that does the job of many. Equipped with up to seven plate sets — Belgian waffle, Freestyle, Coffee Bean, Sandwich, Panini, Donut and Chelky — the Snack System seamlessly transitions from breakfast to lunch, dinner and everything in between. Plus, its adjustable temperature settings give operators the freedom to add their own twists to classic baked and grilled recipes, resulting in even more ROI.

No wasted food (or money).
Food waste isn’t only bad for the planet; it’s also a major hit to the wallet. The Snack System allows operators to freshly bake or grill as many or as few items as needed, resulting in zero waste at the end of the day. Plus, it’s super easy to use. Anyone — and we mean anyone — can pop on a snack plate, run a preset cooking cycle and produce a beautiful and delicious end product. What does this mean? Well, businesses end up with less excess and burnt or poorly-made food in the garbage, and more savings in the pocket.

Test, optimize and sell more.
The Snack System is the perfect way for businesses to test out new menu items and strategies, without the risk. With up to seven plate options, businesses can easily add more variety to their menus in small quantities, see what drives the most sales (and when), optimize and repeat. Or, thanks to the Snack System’s compact design, businesses can easily transport it, so they can test out different venues and discover the best money-making location (or menu items).

Time to print the money.
The Snack System is a true original. Really, there’s no other foodservice equipment on the market quite like it. At Hatco, we’re dedicated to helping foodservice professionals grow their businesses by selling more of the foods their customers love. So, if it’s time (or almost time) to “print the money,” visit our site for more information!

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